• Journalist: Ukraine should stop destroying its defensive weapons

    Ukraine should withdraw from the Ottawa Convention and cease the destruction of defensive weapons during hostilities, Yuri Butusov wrote on his Facebook page. Butusov is a well-known Ukrainian journalist and the Editor-in-Chief of censor.net.ua.

    Ukraine nevertheless continues to fulfill its international obligations on disarmament. The representatives of Ukraine and NATO reported that as of October 12, 2016, Ukraine has destroyed 1 million PFM-1 Green parrot anti-infantry high-explosive mines …

  • Ukraine is preparing to cut off water supplies to the LPR

    The Deputy Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, George Tuka, posted on his Facebook page that Ukraine will cut off water supplies to the uncontrolled territories of the Luhansk region after the 1st of December.

    Tuka noted that an agreement on the creation of a Ukrainian enterprise, which will introduce settlements for consumed water in the territories beyond Ukraine’s control, was reached during negotiations in Minsk. Ukraine also repaired water …

  • Rumsfeld: Georgia's application for membership in NATO should be sped up

    According to former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Washington should help Georgia become an active participant in NATO’s regional strategy, the Voice of America reported.

    Rumsfeld noted that Georgia can play an important role "in the strategies of any consortium within the framework of NATO regarding the protection of the Black Sea and the ‘New Europe’ from Russian adventurism."

    "Georgia is located on a major transport route leading from the Caspian Sea to America's allies in Europe. …

  • Ukraine signs arms memorandum with Pakistan for $600 million

    On Wednesday, November 23, Ukraine signed an arms memorandum for $600 million with Pakistan, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s press service.

    The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by Pavlo Bukin, the Director General of the state company "Ukrspecexport" and the Chairman of the Heavy Industries Taxila Pakistani Corporation, Syed Wajid Hussain. The arrangements concern the maintenance and modernization of tanks. In the 1990s, Ukraine sold three hundred and twenty T-80UD tanks to …

  • MiG-29 from Russian Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier crashed due to decision delay in landing

    The delay in making a decision on an alternative landing site is what caused the crash of a MiG-29 fighter jet the on the 13th of November .

    According to Lenta.ru, the Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, suffered a breakage of its arresting gear resulting in the jet not being able to land on the carrier. Due to the delay in deciding on an alternative landing site, the fighter jet ran out of fuel and crashed.

    “The break of the cable of the arresting gear and the delay in the repair of …

  • Large Russian landing and freight ships are on their way to Syria

    On Wednesday, a large landing ship of the Russian Navy, Caesar Kunikov, and a Russian Navy auxiliary cargo ship, Kyzyl-60, entered the Mediterranean Sea and are on their way to Syria, as reported by information portals tracking the movements of ships through the Bosphorus.

    According to Turkish websites, the ships are on their way to Tartus where the supply and storage facility of the Russian military is located. The sites noted that judging by the sea gauge of the ships, they are fully laden. …

  • US State Department urged other countries not to provide support for Russian fuel tankers bound for Syria

    The US State Department believes that other countries should not provide support for the Russian tankers that supply fuel for Russian military aircraft in Syria, as stated by the official representative of the US State Department, Mark Toner.

    “Although the decisions on the admission into their ports are made by the local authorities, we believe that the countries of the region should not provide support for the Russian tankers carrying fuel that will be used for the continuation of the air …

  • The Kremlin believes that relations between Russia and the United States are at an all-time low

    Russian authorities hope to resume dialogue with the United States under President Donald Trump, but acknowledge that the normalization process will not be fast, because relations are now at their lowest, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    “It is hardly possible to spoil something in these relations. They are at their lowest, but certainly we expect that the dialogue will be resumed, and a difficult and slow process of turning relations in a constructive direction will begin,” …

  • EU voted on resolution to counter Russian media

    At a meeting on Wednesday, November 23, members of the European Parliament voted on a resolution to combat the Russian media, the most dangerous of which were determined to be the Sputnik news agency and RT television network.

    Out of 691 deputies who voted, 304 supported the document. In the resolution, initiated by the deputy from Poland, Anna Fotyga, it is argued that Russia provides financial support to opposition political parties and organizations in EU member-states.

    The Sputnik news …

  • Russian FSB detains former naval officer who is accused of passing information to Ukrainian intelligence

    A former Russian officer of the Black Sea Fleet has been detained by the FSB in the Crimean city of Sevastopol for allegedly providing information to Ukrainian intelligence agencies, TASS reported.

    "On November 22, Russia’s Federal Security Service detained a former officer of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, reserves Captain II rank Leonid Parkhomenko," a source told the Russian news agency.

    "Parkhomenko was fulfilling tasks given to him by the Ukrainian military intelligence, and provided …