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  • Russia to lease out far east to China

    Russia is prepared to lease out another million hectares of agricultural land in the Far East in the hope of attracting investments and increasing the region’s income.

    According to the South China Morning Post, such a suggestion was put forward by Valery Dubrovsky, investment director of the Far East Investment and Export Agency.

    Dubrovsky said that the land will be open to foreign investors, and that Russia is counting primarily on demand from Chinese farmers, who may be interested in …

  • Ukraine’s aircraft engine manufacture accuses the Washington Times of ‘ties with Russia’

    The Ukrainian company Motor Sich JSC accused the American newspaper The Washington Times of its having ties with Russia. The newspaper published an article criticizing Kyiv’s deal to deliver aircraft engines to China.

    The company is engaged in the development and production of aviation gas turbine engines for aircraft and helicopters. According to the company, it is about unfair competition from the Russian side, which tries to lobby its interests through the sensation in the US media.

    “Only …

  • China to conduct the first test of Russian-made S-400 air defense systems

    China plans to conduct its first firing tests of the newly acquired, Russian-made S-400 air defense systems in late July to early August, TASS news agency reports, citing a military-diplomatic source to TASS. 

    "In late July to early August, the unit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that underwent training in Russia will carry out the firing against a simulated ballistic target at a Chinese firing ground," the agency’s source said. Russia’s Federal Service for Military and Technical …

  • China declares Silk Road through Russia unprofitable

    The project to create a Eurasian high-speed railway line from Beijing through Moscow to Berlin, which the Russian government planned to insert into China’s “New Silk Road” to the EU, is unprofitable.

    This was the conclusion reached by China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group (CREEC) after an analysis of the financial and technical conditions of the project.

    As RBC reports, citing a source in the government and in Russian Railways, the company presented its assessment to the Russian-Chinese work …

  • Belarus and China agree on mutual visa-free travel

    Belarus and China signed an agreement on a visa-free regime for the holders of ordinary passports, Belarusian news agency BelTA reports.

    The agreement was signed following the talks of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko with Chinese President Xi Jinping. On behalf of Belarus, the document was signed by Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei.

    Earlier in May, the Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov had noted that Belarus would become one of the first countries in …

  • Putin signs bill on counter-sanctions against US and sets sights on money from China

    On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill on counter-sanctions against the US and other “hostile foreign countries”, which was drafted in response to the blacklisting of billionaires Viktor Vekselberg and Oleg Deripaska, together with all the companies belonging to them.

    According to the document uploaded to the legal information portal, the Russian government is given the right to terminate international collaboration with countries which have introduced anti-Russian sanctions, …

  • Sweden withdraws from Russian lunar mission and joins Chinese one

    The Swedish XSAN device for measurement of neutrals and ions, which was developed for the Russian Luna-25 program, will instead travel to the Earth’s satellite on the Chinese station Chang'e-4, RIA Novosti reports, referencing a letter from the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF).

     “In 2017, our Chinese colleagues suggested sending the manufactured XSAN flight module on the Chinese Chang'e-4 rover in 2018, an opportunity that we could not miss,” letter reads.

    On May 11, IRF reported that …

  • Ukraine wants to borrow $7 billion from China for infrastructure projects

    The Ukrainian government intends to conclude a framework loan agreement with China worth $7 billion to help fund a number of infrastructure projects, as announced by Viktor Dovgan, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, during the presentation of an exhibition project for the China International Import Expo, UNIAN reports.

    "The government intends to submit an official proposal to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce regarding the conclusion of a framework loan agreement for a number of …

  • China shows no desire to trade with Russia for rubles

    The idea of abandoning the dollar for external trade with BRICS countries, actively proposed by the Russian government since it fell under sanctions from the West, still remains unrealizable.

    Despite three years of negotiations with the central banks of the provisional bloc and the making of direct currency swap agreements, exporting companies in China and India still show no desire to transition to payment in rubles, according to a Central Bank statistic on the currency structure of foreign …

  • Russia calls new US defense strategy 'confrontational'

    Sergey Lavrov, the Head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation, described the new U.S. National Defense Strategy as "confrontational," at a press conference in New York, Interfax reports.

    "It is regrettable that instead of engaging in a normal dialogue, instead of using the basis of international law, the United States is indeed striving to prove their leadership through such confrontational concepts and strategies," Lavrov said.

    It was reported earlier that the Russian …