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  • Turkey to send eight thousand Syrian opposition fighters to Libya

    Turkey will send eight thousand soldiers from the Syrian opposition to Libya to support the forces of the Libyan Government of National Accord. The first group of 120 people has already been deployed to the Libyan territory, reports Al-Hadath TV channel, citing its sources.

    Conscription centers have been established in Northern Syria, in the cities of Afrin, Al-Rai, and Akhtarin, as well as in the Syrian territories controlled by Turkey. It is noted that the Sultan Murad Division, which …

  • Libya asks Turkey for help in fight against 'Russian mercenaries'

    Libyan Interior Minister of Government of National Accord Fathi Bashagha said that Libya would need military support from Turkey if the military conflict escalates further.

    According to him, without the Ankara’s help, it would be hard for Libya to repel the mercenaries of General Khalifa Haftar, after Haftar’s army opened  their air bases for third countries. Bashagha said that Haftar gave one of the military bases to the United Arab Emirates. He also claims that the soldiers of the Russian …

  • Erdogan criticizes presence of Russian mercenaries in Libya

    During a press conference with Tunisian President Kais Saied, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner private military company in the territory of Libya, reports Anadolu news agency. Erdoğan also said that the Turkish army might be sent to Libya.

    It is noted that the leaders of the countries discussed the situation in Libya, where a civil war has been going on for years, and several parallel governments are …

  • US accuses Russian mercenaries of escalating tensions in Libya

    The US State Department expressed concern about the activities of the Russian private military contractor, the Wagner Group, in Libya, reports Anadolu news agency.

    According to the US State Department, Russian-linked mercenaries only intensify the escalation in the region, supporting the troops of General Khalifa Haftar, who is trying to capture the capital Tripoli.

    It is noted that the number of civilian casualties in Libya is increasing. Civilian objects, including hospitals and airports, …

  • Haftar’s army close to taking Tripoli with Russia’s help

    General Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA), supported by a number of countries, including Russia, is close to taking the city of Tripoli, UN Special Secretary for Libya Ghassan Salame told Corriere della Sera in an interview published on Sunday, December 8.

    “Since the Russians joined Haftar’s forces, the offensive against Tripoli has intensified,” Salame observed.

    Mohamed Siala, Foreign Minister of the Libyan Government of National Accord, has also mentioned the attack against …

  • US accuses Russia of deploying regular troops and mercenaries in Libya

    Russia has deployed regular troops and mercenaries in Libya, thereby threatening the stability of the country and destabilizing the situation there, said US Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs David Shenker, as cited by the Department of State’s press service.

    The US official said that Russian military interference is destabilizing the situation in Libya. When asked by journalists what Washington understands this “interference” to be, Shenker explained that Russia has deployed regular …

  • Libyan Interior Ministry: Russian Pantsir missile system belonging to Khalifa Haftar army has been destroyed

    The Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha said that one of the Russian-manufactured Pantsir air defense systems had been destroyed in Libya, reports news outlet. According to Bashagha, the system was installed on a German-made chassis which was allegedly made for the UAE's order, which points that the missile system was brought from that country.

    Earlier, it was reported that the troops of the Libyan National Army, headed by Khalifa Haftar, have one Russian-made Pantsir …

  • Russian journalist recruited by Wagner private military company killed in Libya

    The Russian journalist Yevgeny (Zhaksybay) Ilyubaev, who became a mercenary for the Wagner Private Military Company (PMC), has been killed in combat in Libya, reports, citing its own sources.

    One of the sources said that in recent years Ilyubaev had entered the armed conflict zones, including Syria, on several occasions. Around a year ago he was even awarded a medal for bravery, which was presented to him by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    “When the reports came in that our own …

  • Bodies of Wagner mercenaries killed in Libya start arriving in Russia

    The bodies of mercenaries from the Wagner private military company (PMC) who have been killed in Libya have started arriving in Russia, Meduza reports, citing sources and relatives of the deceased. According to the sources, as many as several dozen mercenaries may have been killed in an airstrike by the Government of National Accord against the forces of Russia-backed Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

    “From the [Sverdlovsk] province a total of 15 people [were killed], and from the entire country, 3 …

  • Libyan Government of National Accord: eight Russian mercenaries were killed in recent airstrikes

    The spokesperson for Libya's Government of National Accord, issued a statement saying at least eight Russian servicemen were killed in the attacks on the Libyan capital. It is reported that a group of Russian military came under the attack by the Libyan Air Force.

    "The Air Force managed to kill eight mercenaries of the Russian private military company Wagner two days ago, who were preparing to carry out an attack on the capital," the statement reads.

    The air force of the Libyan Government of …