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  • Vershbow: NATO is ready to accept Ukraine's membership application

    If Ukraine applies for NATO membership after carrying out the relevant reforms, its application will be properly reviewed, as stated by the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Oleksandr Vershbow, in an exclusive interview with the news agency UKRINFORM in the framework of Kyiv Security Forum.

    "We certainly respect the right of Ukraine to apply for membership and if, after these reforms are successfully implemented, the Ukrainian people will decide to take this step, we have the necessary …

  • Poltorak: Ukrainian Armed Forces will meet NATO Standards within Five Years

    In an interview with the Ukrainian News, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to reform within five years in order to fully comply with NATO standards. According to Poltorak, it will take three years to reform the Ministry of Defense.

    “How long will it take to reach the military standards and principles required to qualify for NATO membership? I believe that we can reform the Ministry of Defense in three years. We will need funding to …