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  • Putin: Anticorruption protests are a tool of the Arab Spring

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the recent anticorruption rallies are “a tool of the Arab Spring,” reports RBC news agency.

    “This is an instrument of the Arab Spring. We know very well what this led to. It was the reason for the government overthrow in Ukraine, and it plunged the country into chaos,” he said.

    According to Putin, Russian authorities are consistently battling corruption, and its level has declined.

    “The problem has decreased recently, as is shown by public opinion …

  • Russian Guard will use drones to monitor protesters

    Deputy Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant-General Oleg Borukayev of the Russian Security Services spoke about the needs of the Russian Guard in the fight against terrorism. He said in an interview with NTV that the Guard will use drones to monitor protesters where rallies are held.

    "At the moment, unmanned equipment and air surveillance systems are being developed in order to monitor the situation in places of mass actions," he said. He added that during the technical re-equipment of the Russian …

  • German politicians are considering a possible boycott of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia

    After the large-scale arrests of anti-corruption protesters in Moscow involving police violence, German politicians have renewed discussions about a possible boycott of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, Deutsche Welle reports.

    Since December 2008, when the International Federation of Association Football decided to hold the world championship in Russia, the situation which civil society in Russia finds itself in has deteriorated sharply, said Gernot Erler, commissioner of the German …

  • Truckers in Russia begin protests

    A series of protests by Russian truckers has begun in regions throughout Russia. The truckers are protesting against the Platon road system, whereby tolls are collected for the use of federal roads.

    As reported by the news site Meduza, drivers taking part in the protests line up their trucks along the roads. Protests have begun in the areas of St. Petersburg, Tatarstan, Primorye, Amur, as well as other regions.

    Earlier, the Association of Carriers in Russia announced that no less than ten …

  • Belarusian entrepreneurs hold demonstration in Minsk

    Several hundred people gathered in the center of Minsk on Sunday and marched to the presidential administration building. Some were holding the Belarus’ flag from the early 1990s (white-red-white), and others held posters urging President Alexander Lukashenko to resign, according to RBC.

    Among the protesters were Belarusian opposition leaders including Mikola Statkevich, the head of the unregistered “Nardonaya Hramada” party and former political prisoner who was pardoned by Lukashenko in 2010. …