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  • Mother of Russian soldier captured by ISIS says information on her son has been classified

    Valentina, mother of the Cossack Grigory Tsurkanu, who was captured by ISIS militants, told Dozhd TV that the Ministry of Defense has sent the Russian soldier’s relatives a document stating that the search for Tsurkanu has been classified.

    According to Tsurkanu’s mother, the letter was sent to her in response to a request she sent to the ministry following her son’s disappearance. Dozhd says it received a copy of the document, which is signed by “Defense Ministry department chief Y. Shulgin”. …

  • Russian Defense Ministry announces death of Russian military advisor in Syria

    Russian military advisor Nikolay Afanasov was killed during militants’ mortar shelling of the Syrian city of Hama, reporters at the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    “As a result of militants’ sudden mortar shelling of the Syrian state forces’ city in the province of Hama, Russian military advisor Captain Nikolay Afanasov was killed,” the department reported, explaining that the deceased was one of the Russian military advisors.

    There, according to the …

  • Social media users report the death of another Russian soldier in Syria

    Another Russian soldier was killed in Syria, as reported by Russian blogger from St Petersburg, Anatoly Nesmiyan, also known under the alias “el murid”.The post on Nesmiyan’s LiveJournal page points to VKontakte (Russian social network ) post  with the picture of the killed soldier and the details of the incident.

    The soldier, 39-year-old Alexander Zangiev, native of the city of Krasnodar, was killed in the explosion when the armored personnel carrier, he was in, hit a road side bomb. A few …