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  • Russia: if the US supplies weapons to Ukraine it would ‘blow up’ situation in the Donbas

    Russia believes that if the United States decides to supply arms to Ukraine, it will seriously destabilize the situation in the Donbas as stated by Head of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov , reports RIA Novosti.

    Shamanov, commenting on a statement by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin that Ukraine would receive lethal weapons in the future, said that such an event would "blow up" the situation in the Donbas.

    According to Klimkin, in addition to Javelin anti-tank …

  • Ukrainian Foreign Minister confident that Ukraine will receive US weapons

    Ukraine has no doubt that it will receive access to modern defense weapons, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin during a visit to Canada, reports Ukrinform.

    "I am convinced that in the future we will definitely receive more defense and military equipment. I cannot say the exact date, but we are working on it," Klimkin said when asked about potential arms shipments from the United States. He stressed that it would include not just anti-tank systems, but also drones, counter-battery …

  • US senate to change its policy on providing Ukraine with weapons

    The US administration is coming close to changing its policy on supplying Ukraine with defensive weaponry, said Republican Senator Jim Inhofe during a hearing of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services devoted to approving the new US Defense Ministry officials, Voice of America reports.

    “Under the previous presidential administration, the US did not plan to send Ukraine defensive weapons, but now this is changing,” Inhofe said while addressing John Rood, a candidate for the position of …

  • U.S. Defense Budget with $350 million for Ukraine sent to Trump for signature

    The U.S. defense budget for 2018, which provides $350 million to help Ukraine in security matters, has been sent to the U.S. President for signature, as reported on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States.

    "The U.S. Senate approved a bill for the U.S. budget for 2018 military spending, which contains permission to allocate $350 million to provide security assistance to Ukraine. The U.S. Congress approved the bill, which was then sent to the U.S. President for his …

  • Chairman of Ukrainian Parliament urged the US State Department to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons

    The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Andriy Parubiy addressed Wess Mitchell, the new Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs with a request to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons. Parubiy had the following to say on Facebook:

    "I had a strategic and constructive meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell. This visit is a sign of great support for Ukraine from the US. I called on the US State Department to provide Ukraine …

  • Lithuanian Minister of Defense: Lithuania will continue to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine

    The position of Lithuania regarding the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine remains unchanged, Ukrinform reports, citing Lithuanian Minister of Defense Raimundas Karoblis.

    "Regarding lethal weapons, we already provided them several years ago. And our position remains unchanged: we are ready to provide [weapons] in the future, but, of course, based on our capabilities," he stressed.

    Karoblis recalled that Lithuania provides Ukraine with all kinds of assistance, from training of Ukrainian …

  • Kyiv: commencement of American weapons supplies to Ukraine depends only on the political decision of US leadership

    The commencement of deliveries of American weapons to Ukraine currently depends only on the political decision of the US leadership, stated Viktor Muzhenko, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    "We have such prospects [regarding the supplies of lethal weapons to Ukraine]. All the lists have been agreed upon, and the procedural matters have been discussed. Now we await a political decision [by the White House]," he said in an interview with Ukrinform. The Chief of the …

  • Military Command of Ukraine: Kyiv has sent the US a list of weapons necessary for Ukrainian Army

    Ukraine has sent the entire list of weapons which it would like to receive to the United States. All necessary negotiations have been completed, and now the decision depends on Washington, stated the chief of the General Staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, as reported by

    According to him, Ukraine is asking for air reconnaissance, anti-tank systems, and radio electronic systems.

    The chief of the General Staff added that now they must wait for a political decision.

    Asked what could …

  • U.S. Secretary of Defense believes weapons sent to Ukraine will not cause escalation in Donbas

    At a press conference in Kyiv, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that there is no need to fear an escalation in the Donbas in the event that America provides weapons to Ukraine, as reported by Voice of America.

    “Defense weapons do not provoke anyone unless you are the aggressor. And Ukraine is clearly not an aggressor, since military operations are taking place in its territory,” he said.

    Luke Coffey, director of the conservative research group Allison Center for Foreign Policy …

  • US Department of Defense and Department of State officially recommend the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine

    A decision on the provision of lethal weapons support to Ukraine is now at the White House. Joseph Dunford, spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, announced this during a Senate hearing, reports Radio Liberty. At the same time, he did not name a deadline for the adoption of the decision by the White House.

    “The US Department of Defense and State Department have officially recommended the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine,” noted Senator Roger Wicker during the …