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  • Russia deploys multiple rocket launcher systems and sets up military camp in Belarus 200 km from Kyiv

    Russian military has set up a camp and deployed multiple launch rocket systems in Belarus, 200 kilometers from Kyiv, reported the investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

    According to CIT, unloading of Uragan multiple launch rocket systems by Russian military was observed at Rechytsa station in the Gomel region of Belarus, north of Kyiv. Later, a photo of the camp with military equipment was published, which was allegedly taken near Rechytsa. It shows a transport and a loader for …

  • Iranian president calls on Putin to fight back together against the U.S.

    Russia and Iran can stand together against the United States in the international arena, said President of the Islamic Republic Ibrahim Raisi during his visit to Moscow.

    "Amid external extraordinary conditions, when there is opposition to the unilateral actions of the West, including the United States, we can create synergy in our cooperation," Raisi told Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the talks in the Kremlin.

    According to Raisi, Tehran is ready for "strategic" relations with the …

  • Russia vows to stop U.S. 'from taking over Ukraine'

    Two rounds of negotiations held by American, NATO and Russian officials in Geneva and Brussels did not help to alleviate the concerns of the Russian authorities regarding the NATO bloc.

    “The North Atlantic Alliance is preparing an information background for deployment of its troops to Ukraine, and this poses a security threat to both Russia and European countries,” said the Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin.

    "NATO seeks to take over Ukraine," he said, adding that Moscow …

  • Great Britain sends shipment of advanced anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

    Great Britain has delivered to Ukraine shipment of  light anti-tank systems, reported the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    "Another shipment of international technical assistance from the UK to the Ukrainian Armed Forces has arrived. This time, the partners provided new light anti-tank weapons," the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

    Deputy Defense Minister for European Integration Anatoliy Petrenko noted that these weapons will strengthen the defense capabilities …

  • Canada deploys special forces to Ukraine

    A small contingent of Canadian Special Operations Regiment has been sent to Ukraine, reports Global News channel, citing sources. According to Global News, the Canadian military flew to Ukraine on January 9.

    Global News’ sources said that the presence of the Canadian military “is part of an attempt by NATO allies to deter Russian aggression in Ukraine, and to identify ways to assist the Ukrainian government”.

    Among other tasks of the Canadian special forces is the development and …

  • Deploying troops to Ukrainian borders has cost Russia almost $10 billion

    The biggest fall of the Russian stock market since the spring of 2020 began to affect the Russian National Welfare Fund (NWF), which has more than a third of its holdings in ruble-denominated assets.

    At the end of December, the size of the NWF, where since 2017 Russia has been storing oil revenues, decreased by 320.9 billion rubles ($4.17 billion), reported the Russian Finance Ministry.

    Real expenditures from the fund, including infrastructure projects, amounted to only 0.3 billion rubles ($3. …

  • U.S. and Europe abandon the idea of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT

    The United States and the European Union abandoned the idea of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT interbank payment system as part of a package of sanctions for aggression against Ukraine, Handelsblatt reports, citing sources in the German government.

    The initiative, which was first launched back in 2014 after Russia's annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas, is again considered too risky. This step could destabilize the global financial system and provoke the development of an alternative …

  • Germany: disconnecting Russia from SWIFT will have a nuclear bomb effect on world markets

    The future chairman of the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Friedrich Merz, said he believes that restricting Russia's access to the international interbank SWIFT system will have a "nuclear bomb" effect on the world markets.

    "Loss of confidence in the SWIFT system could be like an atomic bomb for the capital markets, as well as goods and services markets," the DPA news agency quoted Merz as saying. "I foresee a massive economic downturn in our economies if something like this happens. …

  • Poland: Russia can attack Ukraine in the coming days

    Russia continues to amass its troops on the border with Ukraine, which may indicate a possible invasion in the coming days, said the head of the National Security Bureau of Poland Paweł Soloch.

    "Of course, the situation is a stalemate, but we must be prepared for what the British Defense Minister said, that Russia may attack Ukraine in the coming days," PAP new agency quotes Soloch as saying.

    Speaking about a possible scenario that Russia can use to attack Ukraine, Solokh noted that "any …

  • Lukashenko announces joint exercises with Russia to counter Ukraine and the West

    Belarus and Russia will hold military exercises in the western and southern regions, said Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

    According to him, the exercises were agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin in December and will be a response to the "difficult situation" on the borders of the Union State.

    "These should be regular exercises to work out a certain plan in the confrontation with these forces: the West (the Baltic States and Poland) and the south (Ukraine)," BelTA news …