Kyiv: 10 DPR and LPR militants surrendered to Ukrainian authorities since the beginning of the year

The press service of the National Police of Ukraine stated that from the beginning of 2019, ten militants from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic have surrendered to the Ukrainian authorities.

Among them are those who “were at the origin of occupation [of the Donbas]” in 2014 as well as new participants of the armed conflict, who were “disappointed” and decided to return to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

Among those who surrendered are propagandists, employees of correctional colonies and checkpoints. Earlier, one of them said he was guarding the wreckage of flight MH17 shot down in the Donbas in the summer of 2014. The police said that some of the “militants” were taken across the line of demarcation during special operations.

In Ukraine, those who voluntarily withdraw from “ the militants’ armed forces” and surrender to the authorities are exempt from criminal ability. Otherwise, they face up to eight years of imprisonment.

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