Lithuania will build 45-kilometer wall on Russian border

Authorities in Lithuania have decided to erect a wall about 45 km (28 mi) long on its border with Russia.

This was reported on the website of the State Border Service of Lithuania.

“In total, the sections to be built along the border of the Kaliningrad region of Russia will be 44.6 km long. They will be metal fences two meters high with segments of additional equipment...The construction will cost €1.3 million. The funds will be allocated from the state budget,” stated the report.

According to the plan, the wall should be completed by December 2017.

The barrier will start at the junction of the borders of Lithuania, Poland and Russia near Lake Viŝtytis and extend through the territory of the Šakiai and Vilkaviškis regions to the Neman River.

In January, it was reported that Lithuania will build a fence on its border with Russia. Then it was explained that a 135-kilometer (84 mi) stretch from Viŝtytis to the Neman River (that is, not on the border) will have a fence that will cost about €3.6 million. Along the fence a modern surveillance system will be installed. Funding  for this project will be allocated in 2018.

  Lithuania, Russia