Signs of editing found in Russian Defense Ministry's video of Khmeimim attackers being taken out

The Telegram channel Directorate 4 claims that the Russian Defense Ministry’s video showing the destruction of the militants attacking the Russian Khmeimim airbase was edited for unknown reasons.
On January 12, the military department released a video showing a group being taken out as it left one vehicle to move to another.

The Telegram channel suggests that two separate videos have been joined at the sixth second of the video. The people approaching the vehicle “suddenly disappear”, and the vehicle on the right suddenly changes position.

The military may have cut out a section of the video lasting as much as 20 minutes.

“It is unclear why they needed to edit the clip. In general, the mismatch can be explained if the strike was not made straight away, but after further observation. But it’s strange that, this being the case, the Defense Ministry officials did not simply join pieces of different videos, but clearly wanted to show in the video that the strike was made at the exact moment when the militants were exiting the transport – and at first glance it could seem like that is what happened. On the whole, this suggests that something is not quite right here, and that the Defense Ministry simply wants to report on the destruction of the militants who were supposedly responsible for the attacks on Khmeimim,” Directorate 4 remarks.

They day before, it was announced that the Russian military had taken out the saboteurs who had fired at the airbase in Syria on December 31. The group of militants was destroyed with a Krasnopol precision projectile. The location where the strike drones were kept was also destroyed.

On the night of January 6, militants attacked the Khmeimim airbase and the Tartus Naval logistics point using drones. A total of 13 drones were sent to attack the Russian facilities, 10 of which were shot down.
Previously it came out that the Russian Defense Ministry had used a screenshot from a computer game as “irrefutable support” that the US was aiding ISIS terrorists.

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