• Czech Republic Senate wants Prime Minister Babis to resign over ‘Crimean scandal’

    Radio Praha reports that the Czech Senate adopted a resolution that urged Prime Minister Andrej Babis to resign. According to a message, "The upper house of parliament made the following decision by a majority of votes. Members of the Social Democratic Party, an ally of the ANO movement in the government coalition also voted in favor."

    Reports say that thousands of people took to the central streets of Prague, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babis because of the scandal over …

  • IMF: No Ukrainian officials have been brought to justice for corruption

    Ukraine has shown poor results in the fight against corruption, according to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

    “We see significant progress in establishing anti-corruption bodies. But at the same time, the effectiveness of the fight against corruption is very low. Not a single official has been brought to justice for acts of corruption despite the fact that Ukraine is widely perceived as a country with a high corruption level," the representative of …

  • Turchynov: New Ukrainian anti-tank weapons are as good as Russian and US counterparts

    The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Oleksandr Turchynov, speaking at the Kyiv’s Armoured Plant during the transfer of the military equipment and weapons to the army, stated that the new Ukrainian high-precision anti-tank weapons characteristics are not inferior to their counterparts from Russia, Europe and the United States, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

    According to Turchynov, in particular, this can be said about the Ukrainian Stugna-P anti-tank missile systems, …

  • Ukraine prepares sanctions against election organizers in LPR and DPR

    The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) is working on sanctions against the leaders and organizers of the “elections” in the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupied by Russia, stated NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

    "The NSDC is working on sanctions against those who managed and organized the fake elections. This list may include representatives of selected European countries who, for some provocative motives, pretended that they were legitimate," …

  • Kremlin preparing for sanctions on Russian Mir payment system

    The Bank of Russia is preparing for sanctions to be imposed on the Mir national payment system, which has been rolled out on a mandatory basis for all state employees. Preparation has been underway since August, when reports came out that the US may intensify its sanctions on Russia, stated Svetlana Romashkina, deputy head of the Central Bank’s national payment system department, at a meeting with bankers on Thursday. According to her, work was begun after the sanctions were announced “on TV”. …

  • Russia pays Ukraine court expenses for Yanukovych debt case

    Russia has reimbursed Ukraine for the court fees paid previously in the case concerning the repayment of a $3 billion bond – the so-called Yanukovych debt, Interfax-Ukraine reported, citing its own sources.

    The source did not specify the amount, but noted that it had been paid in full.

    On September 14, the London Court of Appeal ruled that the Yanukovych debt case was to be fully reviewed. In this way, Ukraine won its appeal on the previous instance’s ruling.

    In autumn 2013, after Viktor …

  • Finland accuses Russia of GPS failures during NATO exercises

    The Finnish Foreign Ministry said that they agree with the conclusions of the Norwegian military that the interference in the GPS navigation system during the NATO exercises was caused by Russia. Nevertheless,  in a statement published on its website, the Ministry said that it believed it was  inappropriate to disclose details of this case to the public, it was stated  .

    As noted by the ministry representative, the authorities continue to investigate the incident and are currently discussing …

  • Putin: Normandy format meetings before the elections in Ukraine meaningless

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, during his briefing to the Russian media, stated that meetings in the Normandy format before the presidential elections in Ukraine, which will take place on March 31, are meaningless.

    “At the moment, meeting in the Normandy format during the election campaign that is taking place in Ukraine, is pretty much meaningless because today’s Ukrainian authorities have not shown any desire to comply with the Minsk agreements. They do nothing to implement these …

  • Kyiv: Ukraine has arrested 15 ships for visiting closed Crimean ports

    Ukraine has already arrested or placed other restrictions on 15 foreign vessels that have visited the closed ports of Russia-annexed Crimea, said Oleh Slobodyan, assistant to the head of Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service (SBGS), Radio Liberty reports.

    Ukraine’s border guards take actions when they see that ships are entering Ukraine’s economic sea zone or ports.

    “Already 15 vessels have been placed under arrest or other restrictions. These are all vessels that have violated Ukraine’s …

  • The new Ambassador of Hungary announced his support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine

    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar said on Twitter that he received copies of credentials from the new Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine, István Ijdyarto.

    “Today, I received copies of credentials from the new ambassador of Hungary in Ukraine, István Íjgyártó.

    We have agreed to work on a positive agenda of bilateral relations. Mr. Ambassador is studying Ukrainian, which will undoubtedly help him in his professional activities,” Bodnar wrote.

    The previous Ambassador of …