• US to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 before Christmas

    The US is preparing a “sanctions trick” against the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the German newspaper Bild reported on Saturday, citing sources and a speech given by James Risch, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, at a security conference in Halifax.

    The opponents of the pipeline’s construction plan to get sanctions imposed “in a roundabout way” on the European companies involved in the realization of the project.

    Essentially, the sanctions against Gazprom’s …

  • Kremlin confirms meeting of Putin and Zelensky in Paris

    An Aide to the Russian President Yuri Ushakov  said during the “Moscow.Kremlin.Putin” TV program that Russian and Ukrainian presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky plan to meet during the Normandy Four Summit in Paris, but much will depend on the schedule.

    "It all depends on how the situation will develop," said Ushakov, as quoted by Interfax.

    Ushakov also added that the presidents "can step aside and talk for 30 minutes, or an hour and a half."

    The Press Secretary of the Russian …

  • Media: Russian hypersonic missile Zircon is just a smaller replica of Chinese Dongfeng 17

    Despite the Russian president’s statement that Russian specialists have successfully completed the development of the latest hypersonic cruise missile Zircon, military experts from the Chinese publication Sina Military said that, in reality, the Russian missile is nothing but a smaller replica of China's DF-17 hypersonic missile, which has been in service with the Chinese Army for several years.

    "When the Dongfeng 17 hypersonic missile (DF-17) was presented this year, 1.4 billion people and …

  • Ukraine to launch TV channel for residents of Donbas

    On November 30, Volodymyr Borodyansky, who heads the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, said in an interview to Mirror Weekly (Dzerkalo Tyzhnia) that the TV channel for residents of the Donbas areas that are not controlled by Ukraine will be launched in February 2020.

    He specified that broadcasting of this TV channel would be carried out only in the territory of the Donbas. The new channel is created based on the UATV channel. Broadcasting will take place in Ukrainian and Russian …

  • Russia to launch TurkStream gas pipeline on January 8

    The opening ceremony of the TurkStream gas pipeline, which Russia built to eliminate dependence on the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS), is scheduled for January 8, 2020.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the opening date of the TiurkStream during the opening of the the Turkish-Azerbaijani TANAP gas pipeline.

    The capacity of each of the two lines of the TurkStream will be 15.75 billion cubic meters. One line will be used for gas supplies to Turkish consumers. The …

  • OSCE: troops withdrawal in new areas in Donbas is discussed

    OSCE Chairperson-in-Office and Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčák said that as part of the work of the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine negotiations are taking place on potential withdrawal of forces and equipment in new territories along the demarcation line in the Donbas, reports Novosti Donbasa news outlet.

    "Negotiations on withdrawal are ongoing  within the Trilateral Contact Group. We fully support this. I don't want to say what the result will be. But there is a positive trend," …

  • Russia tests hypersonic Kinjal missile in Arctic

    In November, Russian MiG-31K fighter jet launched the first hypersonic Kinjal (Dagger) missile in the Arctic at the Pemboy military range, reports TASS, citing a source in the Russian defense industry.

    "The missile was launched at a ground target located at the Pemboy military range from a MiG-31K fighter jet that took off from the Olenegorsk airbase," said’ one of the interlocutors.

    Another source confirmed the fact that the tests of Kinjal missile have been conducted, noting that "the speed …

  • Turkey is ready to join NATO in war against Russia

    Despite the statements of Russian politicians about the strengthening of cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the military field, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said that Ankara is a loyal ally of the North Atlantic Alliance, and Turkey is ready to support any NATO's operation against Russia if necessary.

    Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu urged NATO to pay attention to the fact that in addition to deterring Russia at the Eastern borders of Europe, it is also necessary to support Turkey in these …

  • Russia and Belarus to create joint Parliament and Government

    Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko said that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko agreed to create a joint Parliament and government as part of the Union State.

    "The presidents agreed that the stated goals are ambitious, and they should not change. These goals include the transition to unified tax legislation, the creation of common markets for oil, gas, and electricity, the creation of a single Parliament and government with executive …

  • Ukraine tests Neptune cruise missile with 280 kilometer range

    Tests of the Neptune cruise missile P-360 have been successfully completed in Ukraine, reports Defense Express. The missile flew more than 250 kilometers.

    According to Oleh Korostelev, General Director of the Ukrainian defense company Luch Design Bureau, the Ukrainian rocket flew such a distance along a given route and altitude for the first time.

    "Today, the development of the aircraft with the specified characteristics has been completed," he said.

    Next, the combat capabilities of the …