• Ukrainian Eurobonds plummet following IMF's announcement of possible cessation of assistance to Kiev

    A statement made by the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, concerning the possible cessation of financial assistance to Ukraine has already affected the value of Ukrainian Eurobonds.

    Igor Mazepa, the Director General of IC Concorde Capital and a member of its business initiatives group, discussed this in his commentary for Correspondent.net. According to him, the value of Ukrainian bonds fell by 1.5-2.2% in just one hour.

    "In comparison, last week after the statement …

  • Russian opposition to hold demonstration in memory of Nemtsov on anniversary of his assassination

    Organizers of a demonstration to commemorate the death of Boris Nemtsov will give notice about the event to Moscow’s mayoral office on the 12th of February.  This was posted on the event organizer’s Facebook page.

    The demonstration will be held on February 27th on the one-year anniversary of Nemtsov's assassination.  Participants plan to walk from Slavyanskaya Square to the Great Moscow River Bridge, where Nemtsov was killed.

    The Facebook post also invited all concerned parties to take part …

  • NATO is working to strengthen the Ukrainian army

    NATO will continue to coordinate with Ukraine on a daily basis and work to strenghten the Ukrainian Armed Forces, an anonymous senior NATO official told Radio Svoboda.

    "The parties have already identified the main objectives for cooperation. In Kiev, a group of NATO defense consultants is constantly working to help their Ukrainian colleagues enhance the combat readiness of the armed forces and to carry out reforms. Everything is being improved: from the operational plans to procurement systems …

  • German businessman has won another legal victory over Russia

    German businessman, Franz Sedelmayer, has won another legal victory over Russia.  He is currently striving for the sequestration of Russian property abroad due to the expense of lost investments in St. Petersburg.

    The First Instance Court of the French town of Draguignan had refused to recognize and implement the decision of the St. Petersburg court with regard to the extraction of taxes and fines from Sedelmayer totaling an amount of 65.6 million dollars.  This was reported by the Kommersant …

  • Entire Factory Illegally Transported from Ukraine to Russia Resumes Operations

    A Ukrainian factory which was repossessed by Russia and illegally transported from eastern Ukraine has started its work in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky in Russia's Rostov Oblast. The factory was removed from the Lugansk region of Ukraine in 2014 under the cover of military groups, as reported by Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

    The Kamensky Transport Machinery Plant, formerly the Lugansk Electromechanical Plant, specializes in the production of equipment for rail transport and ore-mining. The equipment produced by …

  • Russia refutes claims that expropriated Ukrainian warship will be used in Syrian operation

    Russia has refuted claims that the large Ukrainian landing ship, "Konstantin Olshansky", which was captured during the annexation of Crimea, will be used for military operations in Syria.

    This was reported to the Interfax news agency by an informed source.

    “The General Staff of the Russian Navy does not plan to use the ship in the operation which has been called the 'Syrian Express' by foreign media.  This ship’s return, along with others, to Ukraine is currently suspended due to the conflict …

  • Poroshenko to IMF: Ukraine will continue reforms despite crisis in relations in the government

    The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, held a phone conversation with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, in which an agreement was reached to prepare a road map for reforms, the Press Service of the President stated.

    As noted, Poroshenko stressed that Ukraine will continue reforms despite the crisis in relations between the government and the parliamentary coalition.  In addition, the President stressed the need to restart the Cabinet of Ministers …

  • Lysenko: Most Russian 'journalists' in eastern Ukraine are spies

    According to the speaker of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration on issues in the conflict area, Andrei Lysenko, most “Russian journalists” who wish to work in eastern Ukraine are spies.  He stated this in an interview with Novaya Gazeta.

    “It is simple.  There are no joint activities with Russian journalists in the ATO area [eastern Ukraine].  The majority of Russian Federation citizens who were identified as belonging to the press were found to be spies.  They failed a background check …

  • Police chief in Norwegian province asks government for power to close border with Russia

    The Head of the Police of Finnmark, Norway,  Helen Catherine Haetta, appealed to the government p grant the police the right to close the border with Russia.  

    “Memories of the autumn events are still fresh.  Because of this, one should consider the physical non-permanent closure of the border for a number of security reasons.  The Head of the Police of that region should have the authority to do that,” Haetta wrote in a letter to the government.  

    She also mentioned that such measures can be …

  • IMF says Ukraine's Bailout is at Risk

    After the resignation of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Aivaras Abromavičius, the IMF has warned Kiev of a possible cessation of financial support. The Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, stated on the 10th of February that it is difficult to imagine that the Fund could further support the country without significant efforts by the Ukrainian Government.

    She also expressed concern about how slowly Ukraine is moving in the fight against corruption. The …