Review of the Lustration Law (cleansing of power) has been suspended in Ukraine.

Ukraine Constitutional Court has postponed the review of the Law on Lustration.

The statement was made on Friday, October 23 by the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Yuri Baulin.

The decision was made after a petition demanding the dismissal of 7 Judges was submitted by Yegor Sobolev, a MP from Samopomich (Self-Help) party.

Mr. Baulin said that the public will be informed when the court will resume the review of the law.

On the same day, Yegor Sobolev declared that  7 judges of the …

Doctors without Borders have been banned from working in Pro-Kremlin separatist territories.

An international organization, Médecins Sans Frontières, has received an official ban from the authorities of the Pro- Kremlin Donetsk Republic

 Bart Janssens, MSF Director of Operation, said that the ban took effect on October 19th and there was no explanation for the ban.

Janssens stressed the importance of the work of the organization in Donetsk region.

MSF employees have been helping mostly Diabetics and people suffering from kidney diseases.

In addition since 2011 MSF employees have …

Air traffic between Ukraine and Russia to stop.

As announced by Andriy Pyvovarsky, Ukraine's Minister of Infrastructure, all flights between Ukraine and Russia will be stopped effective October 25."Technical consultations between the State Aviation Service of Ukraine and the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) were held in Brussels today, but in spite of these consultations the sanctions imposed on Russian airlines that violated the laws of Ukraine will come into force," he said.

Mr. Pyvovarsky also said that the Russian Federal Air …

Syria talks held in Vienna.

Top diplomats from Russia, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey arrived in Vienna for talks aimed at charting a new path toward ending the Syrian civil war. 

The envoys from Washington, Riyadh and Ankara – all of which back groups battling against Assad – will look to sound out Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after the embattled Syrian strongman made a surprise visit to Moscow to meet President Vladimir Putin this week.

On September 30 Russia launched air strikes in Syria which …

Putin's approval rating hits new high.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's approval rating has hit a record high of almost 90 percent, primarily as a result of his decision to launch air strikes against Islamist militants in Syria, Russia's state pollster said on Thursday.

It is slightly smaller than the rating of the president of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu, shortly before his execution, but higher than the rating of Hosni Mubarak, a few years before the Revolution of 2011, which resulted in Egypt's President resignation and trial. …