Georgian Defense Minister: Despite Russia’s statement, Georgia’s plan to join NATO is realistic

The Defense Minister of Georgia, Tina Khidasheli, has stated that the Russian representative to the OSCE had publicly made a number of incorrect statements in his address. These statements were regarding Georgia's plan to join NATO, as reported by Ekho Kavkaz.

In an interview on Saturday, Khidasheli said that the Russian official called Georgia’s plans to join NATO “unrealistic” and added that these plans will change after Georgia’s 2016 elections.

“The Russian representative, as well as many …

Ukrainian Armed Forces regain control of Shyrokyne

A representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Mariupol region, Alexander Kindstafer, reported on air during a 112 Ukraine TV channel broadcast that Ukrainian servicemen fully regained control of the town of Shyrokyne in the Donetsk region.

“Yes, a few days ago, militants entirely left their section. Our divisions have taken control of this settlement,” Kindstafer stated.

According to him, pro-Russian separatists mined the town extensively.

 “They placed mine traps and dozens of trip …

Belarusian entrepreneurs hold demonstration in Minsk

Several hundred people gathered in the center of Minsk on Sunday and marched to the presidential administration building. Some were holding the Belarus’ flag from the early 1990s (white-red-white), and others held posters urging President Alexander Lukashenko to resign, according to RBC.

Among the protesters were Belarusian opposition leaders including Mikola Statkevich, the head of the unregistered “Nardonaya Hramada” party and former political prisoner who was pardoned by Lukashenko in 2010. …

Political prisoner Oleg Sentsov transferred to Chelyabinsk

The Public Oversight Commission has visited Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov at a detention center in Chelyabinsk.

The activists reported that the filmmaker has been transferred to a quarantine cell after being held in the basement cells, as reported by TSN News.

"He was transferred to a quarantine cell, before that he had been in a four-bed prison cell with 11 prisoners, they took turns sleeping. Prisoner transfers are organized every day, but for some reason he is still there. He …

Yatsenyuk: Poroshenko is responsible for the political instability in Ukraine

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk believes that the responsibility for the political instability in the country rests with President Petro Poroshenko. He expressed this opinion during the TV program “10 Minutes with the Prime Minister” on Sunday, February 28th.

Yatsenyuk explained that the Verkhovna Rada put the cabinet to a vote of no confidence on February 16, but only 194 out of 339 MPs voted in favor of the motion, short of the 226 needed for it to be passed.

“Thus, the …