Netherlands accuses Russia of obstructing questioning of Tsemakh on MH17 case

The Netherlands believes that Russia allowed the terrorist Vladimir Tsemakh to leave the country in order to avoid extraditing him in the context of the MH17 case, Eurointegration reports, citing the findings of the Dutch Public Prosecution Service. Tsemakh features in the case as a suspect, but more evidence is required to prosecute him.

“The Public Prosecution Service has come to the conclusion that Russia knowingly acknowledged that Tsemakh had left its territory, and thus declined to …

Russian military patrol hits roadside bomb in Syria

Three Russian soldiers were injured and bruised in the Kobanî region, Syria, as a result of the explosion of an improvised explosive device, reports Interfax, citing Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the incident occurred as the Russian military police carried out a reconnaissance patrol using an armored vehicle along the Russian-Turkish route.

Joint patrols have been carried out in Syria by Russians and Turks since November 1. Russian soldiers use armored …

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summons Hungarian Ambassador over his statements about Hungarian autonomy in Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine István Íjgyártó in connection with his recent statements about the autonomy of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine, reports the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

"On December 2, the Hungarian Ambassador to Ukraine István Íjgyártó was invited to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, where he was told about the unacceptability of the statements he made in an interview on November 28," reads the message. …

Ukrainian President Zelensky promises to fight for ‘lost Donbas residents’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the German newspaper Der Spiegel in an interview that he does not believe the results of the surveys which claim that most inhabitants of the self-proclaimed Donbas republics say they want to live in Russia.

“I know that there are those who support Ukraine. The are those who have gotten lost. And there are those who are in favor of Russia. The latter can leave,” said Ukraine’s head of state.

Zelensky said that each person can choose where he wants …

Kyiv speaks of difficulties collecting Gazprom’s debt in three countries

Yuriy Vitrenko, an Executive Officer of Naftogaz Group Ukraine, said that Naftogaz of Ukraine faced different willingness of courts in several European countries to consider cases of compulsory recovery of $3 billion from the Russian gas company Gazprom by the decision of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, reports Radio NV.

"We are not able to launch compulsory recovery in Germany," said Vitrenko, as quoted by Interfax-Ukraine. He added that Ukraine has similar problems in Poland and Moldova. …