Ukraine prepares the basis of a new gas contract with Russia

Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Olena Zerkal said that Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is developing an Energy Memorandum, which should become the basis for further action to sign a new contract for the transit of Russian gas, reports BBC.

She said that the specialists of the Ministry have been working together with the representatives of the United States and Poland ahead the planned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Warsaw in September 2019. According to …

Russia deploys squadron of reconnaissance drones in Crimea

Russia has deployed a squadron of Forpost reconnaissance and targeting drones in the annexed Crimea, the Russian newspaper Izvestia reported.

The drones have been stationed near Sevastopol and will fall under the 318th mixed aircraft regiment of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet as of this spring. The drones can carry out reconnaissance and provide targeting information for ship missile systems, Bastion coastal systems, and artillery. They have already been tested in drills at sea.

The Forpost …

Aksyonov accuses the US of organizing water blockade of Crimea

Sergey Aksyonov, head of the annexed Crimea, wrote on Facebook that the water blockade of the Crimean peninsula is part of the West’s anti-Russia strategy.

“Ukraine’s policy is not determined in Kyiv, but in Washington and other western capitals. The water blockade of Crimea is part of the West’s anti-Russia strategy. That’s why, regardless of the reasons given by Ukrainian officials, the decision to end or to continue the blockade will be made far from the banks of the Dnieper,” he wrote. …

Ukraine hands over MH17 case to Netherlands

Ukraine has completed the transfer of the criminal case against the persons suspected in the crash of MH17 flight to the Netherlands, reports Ukrainski Noviny news agency with reference to the Security Service of Ukraine. The materials of the case mention three citizens of Russia and one citizen of Ukraine, including former Defense Minister of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic Igor Girkin (Strelkov).

Security Service of Ukraine refused to specify, whether the order for the arrest of …

Poland to hike tariff on Russian gas transit

The Polish government plans to revise the conditions pertaining to the transit of Russian gas through the country after the current contract expires, Polish Secretary of State for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Piotr Naimski told the press.

According to the official, 29 billion cubic meters of Russian gas are pumped through Poland every year, but the tariffs are so low that the country only receives 21 million zloty (around $5.4 million) in revenue from it.

“It’s just business. We will try …