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  • Norway suspects Russian military of creating radio interference in its northern regions

    The Norwegian Defense Ministry reported that recent radio interference in the country has been caused by  the tests of the Russian frigate.

    According to the Aftenposten newspaper, there are failures in the work of radio equipment in the last few days in Northern Norway, including the Finnmark region, which is on the border with Russia. According to the Norwegian Communications Authority, the interference is linked to the tests of the Russian frigate Admiral Flota Kasatonov in the Barents Sea. …

  • Fire on Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov: 12 people injured, six in intensive care

    As a result of the fire on Russia’s only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov 12 people were injured, Russian media reported. Six of the victims are in intensive care, the condition of only one person is assessed as light. Three others are missing.

    According to media reports, the cause of the fire on the aircraft carrier could have been a safety violation during the welding work. The fire could have been caused by the fact that during welding the melted metal got on the dismantled equipment or …

  • Russia’s Admiral Kasatonov frigate enters White Sea for weapons testing

    “Admiral Kasatonov”, the latest Russian frigate of the project 22350 class, has proceeded to the next stage of factory tests, which are being conducted in parallel with state tests. The ship’s crew will be testing the on-board weapons at maritime test ranges in the White Sea, Russia’s North Fleet announced in a press statement.

    “On Wednesday, the first serial frigate of project 22350, ‘Fleet Admiral Kasatonov’, entered the White Sea from Severodvinsk for the next stage of mobile factory tests. …