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  • Austrian Foreign Minister calls for a gradual lifting of sanctions on Russia

    The Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Kurz, speaking on June 19th, stated that he believes that the European Union should change its sanctions policy against Russia, Deutsche Welle reports.

    “I think that we should gradually arrive at a stage where every move toward fulfilling the Minsk Agreements is met with the progressive removal of sanctions,” Kurz said.

    According to him, it would be a "clear demonstration of a step towards" Moscow, the politician believes.

    "I hope, it will …

  • Ukrainian Embassy in Austria to respond to right-wing references to 'Russian Crimea'

    Ukrainian Ambassador Alexander Scherba wrote on Facebook that the Ukrainian Embassy in Austria will take official steps regarding the statements of Austrian right-wing politician Norbert Hofer “regarding the fallacy of recognizing Crimea as Russian territory.”The Ambassador noted that by failing to recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the leader of the Freedom party of Austria “decided to try on the Kosovorotka (traditional Russian shirt) of the Russian nationalists.” Scherba summed up his …