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  • US deploys strategic bombers to Europe

    The United States deployed another B-52H Stratofortress, strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear cruise missiles and aerial bombs, to the RAF Fairford base in the UK, reported Interfax Ukraine with a reference to the air traffic control services.

    Earlier, three bombers had already landed at the Fairford airbase. According to reports, the number of the strategic bombers at the base may be increased to 6-8.

    There hasn’t been such a massive transfer of US Air Force strategic bombers to …

  • American reconnaissance plane approached the Russian-Baltic border

    A strategic reconnaissance plane RC-135V of the US Air force approached the coastal line of the Russian Kaliningrad region on Sunday, as reported by the Western aviation portals monitoring the routes of military aircraft.

    The reconnaissance jet with tail number 64-14844 and call sign ELGIN33 departed from the RAF Mildenhall airbase in the UK and is now on a NATO mission flight in the southern Baltic.

    According to Swedish aviation sites, a Russian Su-27 was scrambled from the Kaliningrad …