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  • UK Ambassador to Ukraine: Russia has violated the Budapest Memorandum

    Russia refused to participate in the consultations of the Budapest Memorandum in March 2014 and has violated its obligations under this agreement, the British Ambassador to Ukraine, Judith Gough, said.

    "Was the Budapest Memorandum fulfilled? No, but it was not fulfilled by Russia, that's the key point. I've heard that it is described as an international treaty ... I know that many people are disappointed in Ukraine ... The British opinion is that this is a memorandum of understanding, and from …

  • Atlantic Council - Ukraine Crisis Is Not Only About Ukraine

    The Ukraine crisis is not only about Ukraine. Far more urgent for humanity as a whole are the commitments made by Russia and other UN Security Council members with regard to Ukraine's accession to the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty (NPT) following the Soviet Union's collapse. The NPT aims to curtail the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

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