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  • German media sounds alarm over Russian navigation systems installed on Bundeswehr submarines

    German Navy submarines use Russian navigation systems produced by the company Transas. The warships were equipped wit these navigation systems during the time of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. According to Bild, Russian software has been used on 100 vessels since 2005.

    The publication, citing expert assessments, writes that "encryption of data in these systems does not meet the military standards" and the equipment can be used for cyberattacks "potentially resulting in the complete loss of …

  • Merkel demands more money for German Armed Forces because of situation in Eastern Ukraine

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a weekly televised statement, which is published on German Government's website, that the situation in Eastern Ukraine forces NATO member countries to reconsider the Alliance's defense strategy.

    "Because of the conflict in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, the topic of national defense and Alliance defense came into focus," said German Chancellor. According to her, the German Armed Forces need financial resources to perform the defense functions.

    " …

  • US calls on Germany to join the military operation in Syria

    The United States urges the Bundeswehr to participate in a military strike in response to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army. “Speeches are not the best way to demonstrate political support but showing military solidarity is,” US Special Envoy for Syria Jeffrey James said on September 13 during his visit to Berlin.

    James said that the United States would try to get the maximum contribution from NATO allies for this operation. According to him, the internal political situation in …

  • German tanks and armored vehicles arrive in Lithuania

    A heavy machine division of the Bundeswehr successfully reached Lithuania on Friday, February 24, a representative of the German armed forces reported. Twenty Marder infantry fighting vehicles and six Leopard 2 tanks were delivered by rail to Sheshtokai station. From Sheshtokai they were transported to their place of permanent deployment at the Rukla military base.

    Transports of the heavy machine division to Lithuania took several days. On February 21, part of the division departed from …