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  • Czech Republic expels two Russian Embassy employees over poison plot hoax

    The Czech Republic has declared two employees of the Russian Embassy persona non grata, announced Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš at a press conference.

    According to him, this decision was made after the media reported that the Russian diplomat brought poison from Russia to Prague. Babiš called the information a "false incident."

    "One [Russian] embassy employee sent deliberately made-up information about a planned attack on Czech politicians to BIS [Security Information Service]," he said. …

  • Czech police take under special protection Russian diplomat who is suspected of bringing poison to Prague

    Czech police have taken under the special protection Russian diplomat Andrei Konchakov, reported Denik N, citing its own sources.

    According to the Russian Embassy, Konchakov began receiving threats after he was named by media as the special agent who came to Prague with deadly poison in his luggage.

    According to the newspaper, during the day the police guard the Russian Center for Science and Culture, headed by Konchakov. And at night the guards move to the building of the Russian Embassy, …

  • Czech media names Russian suspected in poisoning attempt of Prague officials

    The man, whom the Czech special services suspect of delivering ricin poison to Prague to poison municipal politicians, is Andrei K., reports Seznam Spravy. According to Seznam Spravy, the man leads the "diplomatic representation of one of the Russian federal agencies" in the republic.

    On April 26, the newspaper Respekt reported that a Russian man with a diplomatic passport arrived in the Czech Republic carrying ricin. The newspaper claimed, citing its sources, that the man wanted to poison the …

  • Czech media: Russian special agent with deadly poison arrived in Prague amid dispute with Moscow over Marshal Konev monument

    A Russian special agent arrived in Prague three weeks ago after a monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev was demolished, reported the Czech publication Respekt.

    The special agent arrived at Vaclav Havel airport from Russia. He had a Russian diplomatic passport. A car of the Russian diplomatic corps was waiting for him and took him to the Russian embassy. Sources of Respect claim that the person traveled with a briefcase in which he supposedly had deadly poison ricin. Czech Security services …

  • Prague Mayor under police protection amid dispute with Moscow over demolition of Marshal Konev monument

    Czech police has provided special protection to the city mayor, Zdeněk Hřib, the mayor of Prague’s Řeporyje district Pavel Novotný and the mayor of Prague 6 district Ondřej Kolář. The latter was the initiator of the dismantling of the monument to the Soviet Army Marshal Ivan Konev.

    According to the Czech weekly Respekt, officials fear Moscow's retaliation both for the demolition of the memorial and for the renaming of Pod Kastany Namesti (Under Chestnuts Square) to Boris Nemtsov Square, where …

  • Russian Embassy in Czech Republic changes its address after the square it was on renamed after Nemtsov

    The Russian Embassy in Prague formally changed its official address, "moving" from Nemtsov Square, named after the murdered Russian politician. Now the diplomatic mission will use the address of its consular department, located about 400 meters from the official residence on 34 Korunovační Street.

    At the same time, as reported by the Czech news outlet Aktuálně.cz referring to the letter sent by the Russian diplomatic mission to the Czech Foreign Ministry, the physical location of the embassy …

  • Czech intelligence uncovers Russian hacker network

    A group of Russian hackers working for Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has been uncovered in the Czech Republic, said Michal Koudelka, director of the country’s Security and Information Service, in a special address to parliament.

    He noted that the operation to uncover the agent network was conducted in conjunction with the National Center for Combating Organized Crime, the Czech news agency EuroZpravy reports.

    Koudelka pointed out that the financing of the group of cyber criminals …

  • Czech Republic identifies Russians linked to attempted coup in Montenegro

    Journalists from the Czech news outlet Denik N have spoken to several Russian citizens linked to the Czech company Sofbiz, which transferred half a million euros to the organizers of a failed coup attempt in Montenegro in October 2016. According to the investigation carried out by the Montenegrin authorities, these funds were intended as payment for the assassination of then Prime Minister and current President of Montenegro Milo Dukanovic.

    Sofbiz was established in the Czech Republic as a …

  • Prague: Russia continues cyber attacks on Czech Republic

    More than 90% of cyber attacks on the Czech Republic are carried out by foreign countries, reports news outlet with reference to the report of the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) for 2018.

    It is noted that in most cases, hackers are associated with Russia and China. According to the NÚKIB, an investigation is carried out into a large-scale attack on one of the "important government structure." At the same time, the report informs that there were no …

  • Belarus to hike tariff on Russian oil transit

    Effective 1 August, Belarus will sharply increase the tariff on the transit of Russian oil to Europe.

    According to the Interfax news agency, the Belarusian pipeline operating company Gomeltransneft Druzhba notified the Russian oil transit company Transneft about the changes through a letter sent on 1 July.

    The cost of pumping oil through the Druzha pipeline, which accounts for 20% of all Russia’s oil exports, will be hiked by 21.7%.

    The letter states that this is necessary in order to …