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  • Estonia approves €190 million construction project of the border with Russia

    The Estonian Government finally approved the €190 million construction project on the border with Russia, ERR news outlet reports. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2026. Estonia had decided in 2015 to modernize the infrastructure of its border by constructing sections of fencing, patrol path, barriers to animals, gates, border markers and the like, but had not gotten budget approval for a long time.

    “We will immediately start calling for bids for the construction of four parts of …

  • Estonia launches criminal investigation into money laundering by Putin's associates and Russian FSB

    Estonia begins a criminal investigation against the Estonian branch of Denmark's largest bank, Danske Bank, suspected of money laundering, as stated by the Prosecutor General of the country, Lavly Perling, on Tuesday.

    According to her, the prosecutor's office opened this case after the appeal of the head of the Hermitage Capital Management investment fund, Bill Browder.

    According to the Danish newspaper Berlingske, which in February referred to the report of one of the directors of the bank, …

  • Estonian intelligence uncovers a network of Russian agents

    The Director General of the Estonian Department of Foreign Intelligence, Mikk Marran reports that Russian agents have been discovered among public figures, journalists, diplomats, businessmen and politicians, according to Delfi.

    “We have discovered a network comprised of Russian agents, who receive instructions of what to do. We can clearly see that these people are carrying out a Russian agenda,” reports Marran.

    He has warned that despite the meeting between US President Donald Trump and …

  • Estonia accuses Russian of violating its air space

    Estonian Defense Forces issued a statement alleging that on July 16, two Russian planes violated its country’s airspace. The Ministry of foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of Russia in Tallinn and handed him a note regarding the incident. He noted that Russian planes violated the borders of Estonia six times in a year.  “Yesterday afternoon, two Russian planes, an A319 and an Il-96 crossed the Estonian border near Vaindloo Island an hour apart,” the press service of the Estonian army …

  • Estonia, Latvia and Denmark to establish Divisional Headquarters North

    During a recent NATO summit in Brussels, the Defense Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Denmark signed a joint statement of establishment for the Multinational Divisional Headquarters North, the Estonian Minister of Defense Jüri Luik stated.

    "It is a natural step to strengthen deterrence and defense of NATO. The Baltic Sea region is now one of the most vulnerable in NATO, and it is important for the command structure of the Alliance to be consistent with actual threats," Luik stated.

    According …

  • Russian aircraft violates Estonia's airspace

    On Tuesday, July 10, a Russian aircraft violated the air-border of Estonia, moving into the airspace over Vaindloo island for less than a minute, ERR News reported , citing the Press Service of the Headquarters of the Estonian Defense Forces.   The Russian Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft entered the air space over Vaindloo Island in Estonia on Tuesday morning without authorization. The aircraft's transponder was turned on; however, a flight plan had not been provided. The aircraft made no radio contact …

  • Estonian Foreign Minister calls for a stop to Nord Stream-2 pipeline

    Estonia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sven Mikser has urged the termination of the German-Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. He expressed his view on Monday, July 2 to the Die Welt newspaper, stating that the pipeline is not an economic but a political project.

    "It is only a lever by which Russia will interfere with European policy," Mikser said, adding that it is in the interests of the EU to stop the project. Earlier, the US also supported the idea of phasing out the construction of Nord …

  • Estonia accuses Russia of violating air borders

    A Tu-154M aircraft belonging to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs spent about a minute in Estonian airspace, the Estonian Defense Forces announced.

    “A Ty-154M that belongs to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation entered our airspace today over the Vaindloo island without permission,” the Defense Forces announced in their statement reported by TASS.

    According to Estonia, the Russian aircraft spent about one minute in Estonian airspace with a transponder on—however, …

  • Estonia to buy missiles for Mistral portable air defense systems from France for €50 million

    Estonia’s state defense investment agency signed a contract for the purchase of short range missiles for Mistral man-portable missile system (MANPADs) for €50 million, Estonia’s Ministry of Defense reported on Twitter.

    “The contract was concluded with the French manufacturer MBDA,” the statement reads. “It was signed by the head of the Center for Defense Investment, Rauno Sirk, and Vice President of the MBDA, Didier Philippe. In accordance with the agreement, between 2020 and o 2027, Estonia …

  • Estonia: over the past week NATO Air Forces escorted Russian warplanes 12 times over the Baltic Sea

    Estonia's Ministry of Defense reported that over the last week, NATO fighters had scrambled eight times to identify and escort Russian military aircraft.

    According to the BNS agency, this time, a total of 12 aircraft of the Russian Federation were intercepted in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

    The latest incident was recorded on June 9, when the NATO air police accompanied Russian planes on three different occasions: an Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft, an An-26 freighter and a Su-24 …