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  • Kremlin threatens to block Google in Russia

    The Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, also known as Roskomnadzor, will start to block Google in Russia if the company continues to ignore its demands to filter search results, deputy department head Vadim Subbotin announced on Wednesday.

    An administrative court case has already been lodged against the search engine for failing to connect to the Federal State Information System with a list of prohibited online resources.

    So far, …

  • Kremlin intends to fine Google

    Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media or Roskomnadzor has accused Google of violating Russian law and will request a court to fine the company between 500 ($7,615 USD) and 700 thousand (10,660 USD) rubles, Radio Liberty reports.

    The reason for this is that the Internet search engine did not connect to the Russian federal state information system, which contains a list of banned and blocked sites in Russia.

    According to the Russian law, …

  • Kremlin considers blocking news aggregators in Russia

    News websites in Russia that collect, display and link to related content may be blocked for not fulfilling the requirements regarding restriction of foreign ownership.

    “Sanctions for failure to comply with the requirements will include restricted access of the Russian service providers to the news aggregator until the owner of the aggregator fulfils the requirements,” said an explanatory note published in the State Duma’s electronic database.

    At the request of the authorized federal …

  • Kremlin warns Google against 'interfering in Russian elections'

    Google, which owns YouTube, has entered into discussions with “the Russian competent authorities” regarding the videos posted by Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny calling for protests against pension reform, stated Andrey Klimov, chairman of the Russian Federation Council’s temporary commission on protection of state sovereignty.

    “This gives reason to hope for the possibility of preventing interference in the Russian elections by the mentioned American corporation,” he said. If Google …

  • Kremlin: Microsoft and Google help Russian authorities block Telegram

    Interfax reports that Aleksandr Zharov, the head of Roskomnadzor (The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media), has announced that Microsoft and Google will stop providing the messaging service Telegram with opportunities to bypass Russia’s blocking service.

    "Microsoft has stopped providing Telegram with the opportunity to use the Microsoft Download configuration file service; [additionally] Google has informed us that, at present, it has …

  • Russia threatens to block Telegram messenger, Google and Facebook

    The Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Nikolay Nikiforov, stated that Telegram and other Internet services that refuse to comply with Russian legislation will not work in Russia, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    "We have no prejudiced attitude to either Russian or foreign Internet services. As it is written in the law, so it will be, without options. Services that don’t comply with Russian laws in Russia, won’t work in Russia," said the Minister in response to …

  • Google paid Russia a $6.75 million fine

    According to Russia's Interfax news agency, Google paid a fine of 438 million rubles or 6.5 million USD assigned by the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), as stated by the press service of FAS.

    In mid-April, the Moscow Arbitration Court approved a settlement agreement between the FAS and Google, under which the parties will withdraw mutual claims in the case of violations in the mobile applications market. The American company then agreed to pay a fine of 438 million rubles.

    "As part …

  • Google will pay Russia a $6.75 million fine following complaint by Yandex

    The Moscow Court has approved a settlement agreement between Google and the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of the FAS Alexei Dotsenko told reporters. He confirms that Google will abandon exclusive pre-installation of its applications on Android mobile devices, and will not limit the pre-installation of third-party applications, in particular, to the home screen of the device.

    As part of the settlement agreement, Google will also pay an earlier- …