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  • Kremlin: Russia does not recognize US sanctions against Iran

    In an interview with the newspaper Kommersant, Russian ambassador to Tehran Levan Jagarian said that Moscow does not recognize US sanctions against Iran.

    “We do not recognize one-sided US sanctions. From our point of view, they are illegal”, Jagarian said, answering the question whether Russia will continue to purchase Iranian oil after November.

    The ambassador said that Iran firmly adheres to its obligations under the nuclear agreement, which was confirmed by the IAEA. In his opinion, when …

  • Putin's special envoy to inform Iran about talks with USA

    According to RBC news agency, the Special Representative of the President of Russia for Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev will visit Tehran on July 18 to inform the Iranian leadership about the results of the Russian-American meeting and to coordinate possible joint actions based on the agreements reached in Helsinki. Lavrentiev himself was present at the talks in Helsinki.

    The meeting of the Russian Presidents, Vladimir Putin, and the American President, Donald Trump, took place on July 16 in …

  • Iran accuses the US of pressuring NATO partners

    Official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Bahram Kasemi said that the U.S. is pressuring its NATO partners and imposing its views and policies on them. “Although most of NATO’s expenditures go to ensuring U.S. security, this country behaves as if others are indebted to it and, by exerting pressure, tries to impose its views and policies on other nations, especially European countries,” Kasemi said.

    He also said that Tehran condemns and opposes the repeated accusations made …

  • US refuses to allow European companies to trade with Iran

    The U.S. does not want to release EU companies from the sanctions that Washington intends to impose on Iran, stated the Minister of Economy and Finance of France Bruno Le Maire in an interview published on Friday in the newspaper Le Figaro.

    “In the spring of this year I wrote to the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin with a request to make an exception for European countries that are legally operating in Iran, and to extend the period in which they will not be under the sanctions. …

  • Iran claims that Russia is ready to invest $50 billion in its oil and gas sector

    After a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the adviser to the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Akbar Velayati, stated that Moscow is ready to invest $50 billion in Iran’s oil and gas sector.

    “Mr. Putin spoke during today’s meeting about his readiness to expand the oil trade between the two countries and increase investments in the oil and gas industry of our country up to $50 billion,” television company IRIB quoted Velayati as saying.

    According to Velayati, this is quite a large …

  • Iranian forces withdraw from Israeli border

    After the talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin were concluded in Moscow, a senior Israeli diplomat said that Russia has begun withdrawing Iranian troops in Syria from the Israeli border, the Voice of America reports. The diplomat said that Netanyahu made an offer to Putin, “We will not take action against the Assad regime, and you clear out the Iranians.” Israel has stated that it is seeking complete withdrawal of Iranian troops from the …

  • Iran requests withdrawal of 300 million euros from German banks

    Due to the restoration of U.S. sanctions against Iran in the coming months, Tehran has requested to withdraw 300 million euros in cash from its account in German banks and send it by air to Iran. This information, which appeared on Monday, July 9 in the newspaper Bild, was confirmed by the German government. This is part of the money that belongs to Iranian authorities and is kept in the European-Iranian commercial bank in connection with the German Federal Bank, DW reports.

    The Federal Office …

  • Israel ready to stop Assad at the border

    Israel is concerned that the Syrians will enter the UN demilitarized zone in the Golan Heights. The Jewish state is ready to attack the Syrian Armed Forces if they move into the demilitarized zone at the border with Israel, stated Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

    “We must verify and do everything to clarify, vis-a-vis the Russians, the Assad government, that we will not accept any armed presence by the Assad regime in the areas which are meant to be demilitarized,” Erdan told …

  • Iran accuses Israel of conducting a 'climate war'

    Israel and another "neighboring state" allegedly unleashed “a climate war” against Iran, stated the head of the Iranian civil Defense Organization, Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, reports the Iranian news agency Tasnim.

    Speaking at Civil Defense Conference, he said that according to Iranian scientists, the climate in the country has changed as a result of “an external intervention”.

    The official said that melting of the mountain snow at an altitude of more than 2200 meters is caused by …

  • Rouhani: Iran will 'bring America to its knees'

    Iranians must unite in the face of American pressure in order to “bring America to its knees,”  said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani On Wednesday, June 27, during a state television broadcast.

    "We will cope with the problems. We will exert pressure. But we will not sacrifice our independence,” said Rouhani, whose was quoted by Reuters.

    Rouhani made these statements against the backdrop of the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal, which took place on May 8. Before that, U.S. President Donald …