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  • Israel blames Syria for the destruction of Russian Il-20

    The press service for the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that Israeli aircraft attacked a military facility in the area of Syrian Latakia on the night of September 18th. According to the IDF, from this facility objects were to be transported to Lebanon for Iran and Hezbollah productions of weapons.

    According to the preliminary results of the IDF investigation, the downing of Il-20 was a result of Syrian air defense inaccurate attacks. At the time the missiles that downed the Il-20 were …

  • Israel and Kyiv in talks on transferring Ukrainian the Embassy to Jerusalem

    Israel has suggested to the Ukrainian government that the Embassy of Ukraine be transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,stated the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Minister of Environmental Protection, Ze'ev Elkin in an interview with

    “One of the important topics raised at my meeting with the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and also at an earlier meeting of our Prime Minister with Pavlo Klimkin during his visit to Israel this year was the issue of transferring the …

  • Russia establishes 4 block posts on the border between Syria and Israel

    The Russian military police deployed four of its eight posts on the Syrian side of the demilitarized zone located near the Israel-controlled Golan Heights, as stated by Deputy Commander of the Russian military group in Syria, Lieutenant-General Sergei Kurylenko.

    According to Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, the posts were established along the Bravo line in the demilitarized zone. The representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense also stated that on the territory of Golan Heights …

  • Media: Germany plans to establish government agency for developing cyber weapons

    The German Federal government plans to establish a state agency for the development of cyber weapons at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of the Interior. This was reported by Deutsche Welle, citing German media.

    The Bundestag plans to approve the establishment of "the agency on innovations in cyber security" at its meeting on Wednesday, August 15. The new agency should provide the Bundeswehr and security services with the necessary means to protect against cyber- …

  • Israel calls on the EU to restore sanctions against Iran

    The EU countries should join the U.S. and resume the sanctions regime against Iran, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He warmly approved the decision of the U.S. President Donald Trump, who on Monday signed the decree to renew economic sanctions.

    "I congratulate President of the United States Donald Trump on an important decision to impose sanctions against Iran. I call on the European countries that are talking about stopping Iran, to join this decision, “Netanyahu wrote on …

  • Syria claims it shot down Israeli drone over Damascus

    The national news agency SANA reported that Syrian armed forces spotted two hostile air targets just west of the country’s capital of Damascus and shot them down. SANA did not say to whom the aircraft belonged.

    Meanwhile, RIA Novosti reported, citing a Syrian field commander, that targets were Israeli reconnaissance drones. He confirmed that the drones were shot down by Syrian Air Defense Forces.

    Al Masdar news agency reports, with a reference to a source within the Syrian army, that the …

  • Israel threatens Iran with military action if Bab el-Mandeb Strait is blocked

    If Iran attempts to close off the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which serves as the only outlet from the Red Sea, there will be countermeasures taken by an “International Coalition,” asserted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    “If Iran attempts to block the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, I am certain that it will meet the decisive resistance of an international coalition, which will include all branches of the Israeli armed forces,” Netanyahu said, during a visit to the Israeli naval base at Haifa. …

  • Russia: Iranian forces withdrew from demarcation line in Golan Heights

    The Iranian forces in Syria withdrew from the demarcation line with Israel in the Golan Heights by about 85 km, said the Special Envoy of the Russian President to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev in an interview with TASS.

    "The Iranians have moved away, and the Shia formations are not there too. Maybe there are some advisers in the Syrian army, but heavy equipment and weapons that could pose a threat to Israel, they have been moved 85 km from the separation line with Israel, " Lavrentiev said.

    " …

  • Russia: Only Syrian troops will be stationed on the border with Israel

    The border with Israel will be controlled exclusively by the Syrian army, says the Russian ambassador to Tel-Aviv Anatoly Viktorov.

    The diplomat discussed agreements reached prior to the movement of Syrian government troops into the southwest of the country. He claimed that both sides agreed that “on the other side of the border there will only be Syrian armed forces.”

    Additionally, he emphasized that Russia’s priority is “maintaining the security of the State of Israel,” adding that “no non- …

  • Russian Defense Ministry: Israel has destroyed ISIS positions in Syria

    An Israeli strike on July 25 in Syria has destroyed ISIS militants and missile launch sites, the Russian Defense Ministry told journalists Thursday.

    According to authorities, at around 9:30 pm Moscow time a group of ISIS militants, “in an attempt to provoke an Israeli attack on Syrian army positions, drew artillery fire from the Israeli forces stationed near the population centers of Nafakh and Al-Shajara (Quneitra province)."

    “A targeted counterattack by Israeli air forces and artillery …