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  • Russia threatens to shoot down Israeli planes in Syria

    Russia has prevented Israeli strikes on at least three Syrian military installations, threatening to shoot down Israeli fighter jets using its S-400 missile defense system stationed in Syria.

    According to the Arabic-language edition of the British newspaper, The Independent, in August, Moscow prevented an Israeli attack on the Syrian army's position in Kasiun, where Russia's S-300 air defense system is located, and a week later on facilities in the area of Quneitra and Latakia.

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  • Netanyahu to Putin: Iran is a threat to Russia

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that Iran could become a major threat to Russia in future.

    “I told [Putin] that the greatest danger to future Russia is radical Islam. Today it is governed by two forces: the first is Sunni radical Islam, the leaders of ISIS and its groups… The greater evil is Shiite radical Islam, governed by Iran, which is trying to obtain nuclear weapons, and is trying to conquer the Middle East,” Netanyahu told the …

  • Russian media: Russian air force thwarted Israeli attack on Syria

    The Russian news portal reported that Russian Su-35S multi-role super-maneuverable fighter aircraft of the fourth generation prevented the Israeli Air Force from attacking targets in Syria on the night of September 9.

    The news outlet claims that the Russian aircraft “were urgently scrambled from the Khmeimim airbase” and sent to intercept the Israeli bombers in order to prevent them from “attacking Syria in response to an alleged bombardment of Israeli territory”.

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  • Russian media: Israel seriously concerned by Russian mercenaries in Syria

    The Russian news outlet, which is known for its critical attitude towards Israel, says that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will discuss the hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria during his upcoming visit to Moscow.

    “Several days ago there were unconfirmed reports that hundreds of Russian soldiers who belong to private military companies could show up in Syrian territory. The goal of their appearance in the northern part of Syria will be to purge the major settlements of …

  • Unidentified warplanes attack Iranian military bases in eastern Syria

    Three explosions occurred near the Syrian town of Abu Kamal, near the Syrian-Iraqi border in eastern Syria, reports Al-Arabiya TV channel, citing the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

    According to SOHR, the airstrikes targeted the headquarters and military equipment of Iranian armed forces and pro-Iranian militants, Harakat al-Abdal and Hezbollah. 18 militants were reportedly killed during the airstrikes.

    The Syrian news agency SANA did not report the attack.

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  • Israel makes Lebanon reconciliation proposition through Russian mediation

    The Israeli authorities sent a proposal to the Lebanese government in an attempt to resolve the conflict in its initial stage and avoid further escalation.

    According to the Lebanese newspaper Al Liwaa, Moscow acted as a mediator in these secret negotiations, in which Jerusalem informed Beirut that it is willing to refrain from breaching UN Security Council Resolution No. 1701 and even to refrain from attacking Hezbollah in Syria.

    Israel’s proposition was reportedly sent after an attack by …

  • Israel to help Ukraine modernize MiG-29 fighters

    Elbit Systems, an Israeli company that develops various types of weaponry, could help the Ukrainian Air Force to modernize eleven MiG-29 fighters, reports the Defense Industry Courier, citing a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    According to the source, “the winged craft will receive fundamentally new capabilities and the latest weapons for airborne warfare”. He added that the upgrades could cost in the region of $440 million, at $40 million per fighter. However, the contract has not …

  • Russia raises concern about Israel’s attack on Lebanon

    Russia is alarmed by the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East following an Israeli drone strike on the Hezbollah party’s press center in Lebanon, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    “Moscow is seriously concerned by the further escalation of tension in this region,” the Russian foreign policy department observed. “Russia has repeatedly pointed out the danger of such actions in the critically tense regional atmosphere, and warned that they could lead to a large-scale …

  • Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria

    The Israeli Air Force carried out airstrikes on Iranian drones in Syria on Saturday evening, August 24, reported the press service of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) .

    According to the Israeli military, these drones were equipped with explosives and Iran wanted to attack the north of Israel using these drones.

    "The Israeli Air Force was able to thwart an attempt by Iran," led by Syrian forces, to attack targets in northern Israel using "killer drones,"" Israeli army spokesman Jonathan …

  • Kremlin offers to facilitate dialog between Iran and Israel

    Russia is ready to help Iran and Israel establish a dialogue, RIA Novosti reports, citing "a source in Russian diplomatic circles."

    "Our vision regarding how to address security issues in the region is completely different. Instead of demonizing one state, one force, we believe that the interests of all should be taken into account. And when the interests of all countries in the region are taken into account, a collective dialogue is the way that will lead to strengthening security," the …