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  • Israel extradites Russian hacker Burkov to US

    Israeli authorities extradited Russian hacker Aleksey Burkov to the United States. Burkov is suspected of involvement in banking security crimes. Moscow tried to protest this decision and return the hacker to Russia, reports Deutsche Welle.

    According to the suspect's lawyer Michael Ironi, Burkov was taken to the airport on November 12, from where he was transported to the United States.

    Burkov's appeal against the decision to extradite him to the United States was rejected on November 10 by …

  • Russian submarine spotted near Israeli coast

    About three months ago, an Israeli missile boat spotted a Russian submarine 15 kilometers (8 nautical miles) off the Tel Aviv coast, reports Yedioth Ahronoth publication without reference to the source of information. 

    The submarine violated the border as the 22-kilometer coastal strip is considered Israeli territorial water. The Israeli General Staff, using the communication line between the Navies, asked the Russian military for clarification.

    A short time after this request, the Russian …

  • Israeli secret weapon could end up in Iran’s hands

    The US has been alarmed to learn that an antimissile from the Israeli David’s Sling defense system has ended up in the possession of the Russian military.

    According to Ian Williams, deputy director of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Moscow gaining access to the secret Israeli weapon is not as distressing as the possibility that the technology could leak to Israel’s enemies, especially Iran.

    “If Iran gets this thing, we will see an identical …

  • US builds hangars in Israel for hundreds of F-35s

    Hangars are being erected urgently throughout Israel, presumably to park Israel’s latest F-35i (“Adir”) all-weather 5th generation fighters.

    The project is being realized by the US Defense Department. The hangars under construction will have a total area of 252,000 square meters, writes the Israeli news outlet Israel Defense, which specializes in military topics.

    According to the journalists, the work is being carried out by the US Army Corps of Engineers (NAU). Israeli officials have not …

  • Israel surprised by Russian missile exercises near its border

    Israel was extremely surprised by the launch of Russian missiles near its territorial waters during the joint exercises of the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces in the Mediterranean Sea. The missiles launched during the exercise, did not cross the Israeli border, reports 12 ITV channel. Several Russian media outlets assessed military drills as a "show of force."

    The Russian news agency Novosti  reported earlier that "the maneuvers were held as part of the final readiness check of the joint …

  • Israel officially confirms its support for Syrian Kurds

    The Jewish state is already assisting the Syrian Kurds and will continue to do so, said Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely. “Israel has received many requests for aid in diplomatic and humanitarian matters. We are aiding them in various channels,” The Jerusalem Post cites Hotovely as saying.

    The deputy minister made the statement during a session of the Knesset. According to her, Israel’s support of the Kurds is based on “historical ties and shared interests”. “The Kurds are a …

  • Israeli military drone crashes in Lebanon

    On Wednesday morning, an Israeli military drone crashed in Lebanon near the Israeli Lebanese border, reports Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on its Twitter.

    IDF informs that the drone crashed during "another operation to secure the border," without specifying the cause of the accident. According to IDF, the drone landed in Lebanon, near the border between Israel and Lebanon.

    In turn, the Al Manar TV channel of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement reports that the drone was intercepted during its …

  • Unidentified aircraft strike Assad’s Army positions in eastern Syria

    Three unidentified warplanes carried out a series of powerful strikes on the positions of Syrian government forces and pro-Iranian military formations near the city of Abu Kamal. There is no information about the casualties at this time. According to sources, multiple powerful explosions occurred in the area.

    "In the eastern part of Deir Ez-Zor province, three aircraft were seen flying from the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces east of the Euphrates. Our correspondent reported …

  • Russian media: Russia is the new ‘master of the Middle East’, Israel is afraid

    The Russian press is actively harping on about the Putin regime’s “absolute dominance” in the Middle East. Following the withdrawal of the final contingent of US troops from Syria and video clips of Russian troops occupying an abandoned US base, the morale of pro-Putin journalists has skyrocketed, and they have started using militant headlines proclaiming the supremacy of Russian weaponry.

    The Russian web site published an article titled “Israel fears Russia as the new Master of the …

  • Israel's Chief Rabbi urges Israeli President to stand up for Kurds

    Israel's Chief Rabbi David Lau called on Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to support the Syrian Kurds, who are fighting with the Turkish army. "These days, our hearts are with the Kurds, who are facing mass destruction," said Lau.

    The Rabbi made this statement in the festive tabernacle (sukkah), which the Israeli President visited the day before to congratulate the spiritual leader of Ashkenazi Jews on the Sukkot holiday, reports TV channel 7.

    "It is our moral duty to act immediately before it …