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  • Media: Russia has disrupted Israel’s radars

    The Russian news site claims that Russia’s “Krasukha” electronic warfare systems have disrupted the Israel Defense Force’s radars.

    The site presents arguments to support its theory: the regular flights by Israeli reconnaissance aircraft in the Golan Heights region, and at least three cases of blimps being launched in the same territory to observe the positions of Syrian aerial defense systems. The Russian news outlet sees this as evidence that Israel’s ground radar systems are …

  • Moscow seeks to increase its presence in Jerusalem

    Russia is trying to regain control of two historical objects in Israel that belonged to it in the past, reports RIA Novosti, citing Sergei Stepashin, head of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society (IOPS) and former prime minister of Russia.

    According to Stepashin, the fate of the Elisabeth and Alexander courtyards, which were built in the 19th century to accommodate Russian pilgrims, has already been discussed on multiple occasions at the highest level with the Israeli authorities. “Thanks to …

  • Media: Israel did not send a single minister to the Zelensky’s inauguration to avoid annoying Putin

    Joel Lyon, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine was the only representative of the Jewish state at the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky’s inauguration, reports Israeli Channel 9.

    Israeli authorities decided not to send ministers or deputy ministers to the ceremony. According to experts, the decision was made on the basis that the possible participation of the Israeli government minister at the Volodymyr Zelensky’s inauguration could complicate relations between Israel and Russia.

    Observers …

  • Israel stikes Iranian and Hezbollah bases in Syria

    Violent explosions rocked the areas near Damascus on the evening of May 17.  According to the reports, the Israeli Air Forces conducted air raid against Iranian and Hezbollah  bases in Syria.

    Earlier, the Syrian news agency SANA reported that the Syrian Army's air defense systems managed to down several missiles fired from the direction of the Quneitra province and the Golan Heights.

    Al Mayadeen TV Channel belonging to Hezbollah reported that Israel had also attacked targets south of Damascus. …

  • Israel considers joint production of military drones with Ukraine

    It is possible that Israel and Ukraine will begin producing remotely piloted aircraft for military use, said  the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, Joel Lion, as quoted by RBC-Ukraine.

    “We are in a state of war with another country. Therefore, it has been very hard for us to hold a shield with one hand and build our country with the other. This is know-how that we would like to share with Ukraine. And maybe there are other things apart from drones that we could work on with Ukraine,” Lion said in …

  • Russian media: Israeli tanks have entered Syria

    According to Russian state news agency Sputnik, Israeli tanks were spotted in the demilitarized zone between the Israeli and Syrian borders in the Golan Heights.

    According to Ali Hassan, a correspondent for the agency, Israeli tanks went past the Allon line, deep into the demilitarized zone approved by the UN in 1974 as a neutral territory bordering the separate forces after the Six-Day War.

    In response, Syrian units stationed on the other side of the neutral zone were put on maximum alert. …

  • Senior representative of Hezbollah discusses ‘Israeli aggression’ in Moscow

    Hezbollah’s Deputy in the Lebanese Parliament Ali Fayyad took part in the Moscow Conference on International Security. During his visit to the Russian capital, the high-ranking representative of the Party of Allah also met with Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov,  the Russian news agency Sputnik reported.

    According to Fayyad, the participants discussed “Israel’s aggressive actions” including its claim of oil and gas fields located in “Lebanon’s exclusive …

  • Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoyskyi plans to return to Ukraine

    Ukrainian tycoon Igor Kolomoiskyi said that he plans to return to Ukraine after the results of the Presidential election are officially announced.

    “Yes, I will return to the country without fail, but not before the results of the presidential elections are officially released,” said the businessman who currently resides in Israel as quoted by news outlet.

    Kolomoyskyi had publicly supported showman Vladimir Zelensky’s presidential run but noted that he could not finance his campaign. …

  • Israel developed weapons capable of defeating Russian S-300 missile systems in Syria

    New Israeli supersonic air-to-surface missiles Rampage cannot be intercepted by Russian S-300 missile systems, claims Florian Rötzer, a journalist from the German publication Telepolis .

    The Israeli military used new missiles last week during a strike in the Syrian province of Hama.

    During the attack on April 13, Israeli aircraft struck the Iranian facilities in the Syrian town of Masyaf from Lebanese airspace.

    Rötzer notes that Israel considers these missiles to be a response to the Russian …

  • Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky promises to return to Ukraine if Zelensky wins elections

    In an interview with journalists from the program “Schemes: Corruption in detail”, exiled Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky promised to return to Ukraine if Volodymyr Zelensky wins the second round of Ukraine’s presidential elections.

    When asked whether he would return if the actor Zelensky is elected president, Kolomoisky responded: “Well of course. I was already intending to return, but now there are all kinds of situations… I had plans to return to Ukraine between the first and second …