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  • Putin says that Kim Jong Un is winner of the match

    During a meeting with representatives of the Russian media broadcast on the Russia 24 TV channel, President Vladimir Putin said that the leader of North Korea emerged victorious in the current stage of the conflict involving the Korean peninsula, having developed a nuclear warhead and a ballistic missile for North Korea.  

    “Mr. Kim Jong Un, of course, won this round. He solved his strategic task: he has a nuclear warhead and a global-range missile which has a range of up to 13,000 km, which …

  • Former Russian KGB agents have been hired to protect North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

    North Korea has hired former KGB staff as advisors to ensure the security of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported with reference to an unnamed source.

    According to the newspaper, around 10 former KGB employees will be consultants for Kim Jong Un’s bodyguards. It is likely that these are agents from the seventh division of the Second Chief Directorate, which was involved in counter-intelligence.

    Asahi Shimbun reports that the former Russian KGB agents were …

  • North Korea accuses the US and South Korea of an assassination attempt on its leader

    Pyongyang accused the United States and South Korea of planning an assassination of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Yonhap news agency reports.

    According to the report of the North Korean Ministry of State Security, the US and South Korea entered the country in order to kill Kim Jong-un using biochemical substance.

    North Korea, in its turn, threatened to attack the US and South Korean Secret Services.

    "We will ferret out and mercilessly destroy to the last one the terrorists of the U.S. …