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  • Shoygu promises Russian army completely new laser energy weapon

    The Russian army will soon receive a completely new kind of weapon which utilizes laser and hypersonic technology, said Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, as cited by TASS.

    “In the near future, the army and the fleet will receive a completely new, unprecedented type of weapon, based on hypersonic and laser energy technology,” the minister said during a scientific conference attended by Russia’s military leaders.

    He claimed that the first prototypes of the new weapon have already been …

  • Russia will show 'Putin’s missile' at Victory Day parade

    During the Victory Day parade in Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry will showcase the latest hypersonic Kinzhal missile system, which Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted about when speaking to the Federal Assembly.

    “Aside from the modern Su-57, Su-Z0SM and MiG-29SMT aircraft, the upgraded MiG-31K, equipped with the latest hypersonic Kinzhal missile system, will take part in the ceremonies during the holiday,” said Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergey …

  • Russian Defense Ministry: New hypersonic Kinzhal missiles designed to take out enemy aircraft carriers and destroyers

    The hypersonic Kinzhal missile systems can destroy military ships, including air carriers, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuriy Borisov told Krasnaya Zvezda in an interview.

    “This is a class of precision weaponry which has a multifunctional combat unit, making it possible to work with both stationary and moving targets. In particular, aircraft carriers, cruiser-class ships, destroyers and frigates are potential targets for this weapon,” he said.

    When describing the key characteristics of …

  • Kremlin: MiG-31 fighters updated along with development of hypersonic Kinzhal missile

    Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that the modernization of the MiG-31 fighter was in parallel with the development of the hypersonic Kinzhal anti-ship missile. 

    “The supersonic MiG-31 was selected as a carrier for the Kinzhal. The work on the modernization of this unique supersonic aircraft, which is ahead of its time, was in parallel with the development of the weapons themselves,” he wrote on Twitter.

    The day before, on March 10, the Defense Ministry reported on the …

  • Russia tests its new Kinzhal hypersonic missile

    The Russian military has carried out a combat training launch of the Kinzhal aero ballistic hypersonic missile that President Vladimir Putin spoke of in a message to the Federal Assembly.

    “A MiG-31 fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces has carried out a combat training launch of the Kinzhal aero ballistic hypersonic missile in a given area,” TASS quotes the Russian Ministry of Defense as reporting. The military stated that the missile hit its target at the test site.

    The Ministry of Defense …