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  • Israel to help Ukraine modernize MiG-29 fighters

    Elbit Systems, an Israeli company that develops various types of weaponry, could help the Ukrainian Air Force to modernize eleven MiG-29 fighters, reports the Defense Industry Courier, citing a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    According to the source, “the winged craft will receive fundamentally new capabilities and the latest weapons for airborne warfare”. He added that the upgrades could cost in the region of $440 million, at $40 million per fighter. However, the contract has not …

  • Ukraine responds to Croatia’s alleged complaints about MiG-21s

    Ukrspetsexport refutes the information that appeared in the media that the Croatian Ministry of Defense has brought claims against them because of poorly repaired MiG-21 fighters, and the very appearance of information is considered a manifestation of unfair competition from Russia.

    “To date, there is no official claim or complaint from the Croatian Ministry of Defense to Ukrspetsexport. And we are forced to state the fact that the appearance of untrue information is due only to unfair …

  • Croatia demands that Ukraine replace four faulty MiG-21s

    Croatia is demanding that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine replace four faulty MiG-21 aircraft that were purchased in Ukraine, reports the publication Jutarnji Vijesti citing its own sources.

    “Croatia wants to return four defective MiG-21 military aircraft to Ukraine, and is asking the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to replace them with four airplanes that work properly and to provide a guarantee along with the aircraft,” the publication reported.

    Aircraft 131, 132, 134 and 135 were purchased …