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  • Russian oligarch Deripaska sues Manafort for '$26 million fraud'

    A company owned by Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has filed a lawsuit against Paul Manafort, former head of Trump’s electoral campaign, and his assistant Richard Gates. Deripaska’s Cyprus-based company Surf Horizon Limited accuses Manafort and Gates of millions of dollars of fraud.

    Surf Horizon Limited filed a lawsuit at the Supreme Court of the State of New York, claiming that Manafort and Gates pocketed a portion of the $18.9 million which Surf invested in the Ukrainian …

  • Kremlin: relations between Manafort and oligarch Deripaska were of ‘commercial nature’

    The former head Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters, Paul Manafort, had connections with Russian businessman, Oleg Deripaska, however they were of an "exclusively commercial nature," said Russian Presidential Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, as reported by RIA Novosti. "They were not somehow connected with the Kremlin or with officials in Moscow. We even heard that Manafort and Deripaska had disputes that were resolved in court, but we in the Kremlin do not know any details, and President Putin …

  • Representative of Russian oligarch Deripaska threatens Manafort with 'legal consequences'

    There will be “serious legal consequences” for former head of Donald Trump’s electoral campaign Paul Manafort for “manipulating the investments” of Rusal president Oleg Deripaska. A representative of the Russian oligarch made such a comment with respect to NBC’s story on Manafort’s financial ties to Deripaska, Interfax reports.

    Deripaska has business contacts “with anyone and anywhere… exclusively in the interests of his business” the businessman’s representative added.

    In his opinion, NBC’s …