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  • Polish Prime Minister cancels trip to Israel after Netanyahu's comment about Poles

    Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, has canceled his trip to Jerusalem, where he was going to take part in the Visegrad Group leaders and Israel summit. Gazeta Wyborcza connects this decision with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, statement about the Poles collaboration with the Nazis during the Second World War. 

    The head of the Polish Prime Minister’s Office, Mikhail Dvorchik, announced that Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz will represent Warsaw at the summit, …

  • Poland stops assistance to Belarusian opposition website Charter 97

    On February 14, the Editor-in-Chief of the Belarusian opposition website, Natalya Radina was invited to the Polish Foundation for International Solidarity, where she was informed that the site could expect Poland’s support in 2019 to be reduced fivefold, as reported on the edition’s website. 

    “Such a sharp reduction of the site assistance actually means its destruction. Poland helped us after the website editorial office was crushed in Belarus, our site’s founder Oleg Bebenin was …

  • Expert: Poland foiled Russia’s plans in Baltic Sea

    A Polish anti-ship coastal defense missile division has “buried once and for all” Russia’s hopes of controlling the maritime transport routes in the Baltic Sea. In an article for Defence24, Polish military expert Maksymilian Dura explained why he believes that Poland is the only regional power capable of influencing the development strategy of Russia’s Baltic Fleet.

    “The most notable reaction of the Baltic Fleet was caused by the appearance of Polish NSM anti-ship missiles… which are capable …

  • Poland to buy American HIMARS missile systems

    On Sunday 10 February, the Polish government will formally announce its acquisition of US-produced High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

    According to a post on the Polish Defense Ministry website, the deal will be officially announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

    HIMARS are multipurpose salvo rocket systems that can fire unguided and guided rockets, as well as tactical rockets. The US Department of State authorized the sale of the …

  • World Bank: Ukraine will need 50 years to reach Poland’s economic level

    According to the World Bank’s vice president for Europe and Central Asia, Cyril Muller, without necessary reforms and having current GDP growth rates, Ukraine will need 50 years to reach Poland’s current economic level, reported  Economichna Pravda with reference to a World Bank study on the economic development of Ukraine.

    According to Muller, in 2017 the total net worth of the three richest individuals in Ukraine exceeded 6% of Ukraine’s GDP.

    “It is almost twice as much as in Russia and …

  • Poland to create Cyberspace Defense Forces

    Poland’s Ministry of National Defense is set to establish its own Cyberspace Defense Forces following the NATO's recommendations, announced  Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak. 

    The plan includes the creation of a new military body, the National Center of Cryptology, which will be connected to the Inspectorate of Information Technology, Polish Radio reports. 

    Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Polish National Defense Tomasz Zdzikot stated that the number of cyber- …

  • Polish Foreign Minister: Warsaw supports deployment of US nuclear missiles in Europe

    The Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jacek Czaputowicz, said in an interview with Spiegel that Warsaw supports the deployment of US nuclear missiles in Europe.

    “Our European interests include the deployment of American military and nuclear missiles on this continent,” stated Czaputowicz.

    In addition, he did not exclude the possibility that NATO nuclear missiles will be deployed in Poland.

    “We definitely don’t want this. However, everything depends on how Russia behaves in the future and …

  • Poland urges UN to send peacekeepers to Donbas

    Polish Radio reports that during a meeting of ministers from European countries members of the UN Security Council with the head of the EU diplomatic department Federica Mogherini, the Polish Foreign, Minister Jacek Czaputowicz called on the participants to consider sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Ukraine.

    “It is important for us to keep the issue of aggression against Ukraine on international forum agendas, including the UN. It would be good to consider new initiatives that will bring us …

  • Polish Prime Minister: There is no hope of stopping Nord Stream 2

    In an interview with Interia, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke about the obstacles faced by European countries that do not want the construction of Nord Stream 2.

    “Two powerful countries, one of which is a world power, Russia, and the other, Germany, the fourth economy of the world, decided to build a gas pipeline. These are two powerful States and… it is not easy to prohibit them from doing something. We believe that it contradicts European rules. It is egoistic activity. We …

  • Poland: Nord Stream 2 poses significant threat to the world and to security in Europe

    Poland sees Nord Stream 2 as a significant threat to the world and to the security of the European continent not only in terms of Europe’s deepening dependence on Russian energy resources but also of prospects of escalation of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, stated Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz during a meeting in Davos with Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze.

    Czaputowicz noted that, when the transit of …