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  • Putin and Macron to discuss the situation in Syria and Eastern Ukraine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron will discuss the situation in Eastern Ukraine during a meeting in Saint-Petersburg on May 25, Yuri Ushakov, the Aide to the Russian President, stated.  

    According to Ushakov, the two parties will discuss the potential of crisis resolution in Syria and Libya, the problem of Middle East settlement, and prospects for maintaining the comprehensive overall plan of actions regarding the Iranian nuclear program following the United …

  • Parliament of Chechnya proposes to allow Putin to hold presidency for three consecutive terms

    The draft bill on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s term appeared on the website of the Russian State Duma after being registered on Friday and sent to the Duma’s Chairman. The document was introduced by the Parliament of the Chechen Republic.

    On May 9, Chechen legislators proposed to allow the Russian President to hold the post for three consecutive terms. This suggestion was initially put forward by the Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, who stated that “there is no alternative” …

  • Putin says he is very happy Skripal is recovering

    Russian President Vladimir Putin wished good health to Sergei Skripal, who has been discharged from the hospital, but believes that if a poisonous substance had been used against his person, Skripal would have died on the spot.

     “I think that if, as our British colleagues claim, a weapons-grade poison had been used, that person would be dead on the spot. Combat chemicals are so strong that the person either dies immediately or within seconds, maybe minutes," Putin said at a press conference …

  • Putin approves new Russian government

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has named the members of Russia’s new government. Medvedev presented the new Cabinet of Ministers at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin accepted all proposals made by Medvedev, the website of the Russian president reports.

    Medvedev proposed appointing Anton Siluanov as First Deputy Prime Minister, who, in his opinion, should also take on the role of the Minister of Finance.

    Among other candidates for the posts of  vice premiers are …

  • Putin and Assad meet in Sochi

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met in Sochi, reported RIA Novosti. According to the press secretary of the Russian president, Assad was in Sochi on official business.

    “Vladimir Putin congratulated him on his success in the fight against terrorists. And Assad announced his willingness to settle the problems in Syria by political process,” the report stated.

    It was reported on the Kremlin’s website that the leaders of Russia and Syria agreed to continue " …

  • Putin promises to put ships with Kalibr missiles on permanent duty in Mediterranean

    Russian ships equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles will be on combat duty in the Mediterranean, stated by President Vladimir Putin, reported RBC news agency.

    Putin spoke about naval ships with cruise missiles on permanent patrol in the Mediterranean in his opening remarks at a meeting with top officials of the Defense Ministry and defense-industrial companies on Wednesday. The head of state explained that these measures are needed because of the continuing threat from terrorists in Syria.

    “ …

  • Russian government fines astrologer for predicting Putin’s election victory

    In Primorsky Krai, the Roskomnadzor or Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media fined the astrologer Alexander Rempel for publishing a forecast of Vladimir Putin's victory during the pre-election period, Radio Liberty reports.

    The astrological forecast was published on Rempel's social network page and in Djentry newspaper. He predicted that in 2018, Putin would again become the President of Russia. The astrologer spoke about getting fined during …

  • Netanyahu: Russia does not intend to interfere with Israel's actions in Syria

    After the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place on May 9 in Moscow, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had no reason to worry that Russia would interfere with Israel's actions in Syria. As reported on the Kremlin website, during a meeting with Netanyahu, Putin intended to talk   about bilateral relations between Israel and Russia, as well as problems in the region. "The situation, unfortunately, is very acute. I want to express the hope that we will not …

  • Putin leaves Medvedev as Prime Minister of Russia

    Russian president Vladimir Putin, occupying the office for a fourth term, left Dmitry Medvedev as the head of the government. This was reported on the Kremlin’s website.

    Now the State Duma of the Russian Federation must approve Medvedev’s candidacy.

    According to the Russian constitution, after the inauguration of the president, the government resigns. Then the president names a prime minister, who recommends to the president candidates for the federal ministers.

    Until the new government goes …

  • Macron explains what he expects from Putin and Russian politics

    French President Emmanuel Macron stated that it was France’s goal to allow Russia to strengthen its position in Europe and not to fall into isolation. He said he would like to maintain “historic dialogue" with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "Putin dreams of Russia reemerging as a great power under the influence of humiliation because of the events around the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the USSR... I can understand that. But for me, Russia is Europe, even if Russia has almost …