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  • Pentagon: Russian air defense systems in Syria 'absolutely ineffective'

    At a press briefing, Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said that she considers the Russian-made air defense systems that Damascus used to respond to the West's attack on Syria to be "absolutely ineffective". She also said that the missiles used by Washington and its allies appear to have hit all targets.

     White also accused Moscow of allegedly presenting false information. "Following our operations, Russia falsely claimed Syria air defenses shot down a significant number of missiles, when in …

  • Media: Russian air defense systems failed to intercept Israeli missiles over Syria due to 'external interference'

    The electronic warfare systems deployed in Syria were unable to shoot down several Israeli missiles due to overwhelming external interference, the Federal News Agency (FAN) reported.

    According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the airstrike on the T-4 airbase in Homs was made from Lebanese airspace by two Israeli multipurpose F-15 fighters. Three of the eight missiles launched by the Israeli aircraft reached the western part of the airbase. The Syrian electronic warfare systems were unable to …