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  • Joint media investigation reveals that Putin's friend Boris Rotenberg owns villas on the French Riviera

    Boris Rotenberg, a Russian businessman close to Russian President Vladimir Putin owns two villas in the commune of Èze in France. The villas have a total area of 1300 square meters. Rotenberg also owns another villa under construction. This was stated in a joint investigation of Novaya Gazeta, Le Monde and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project or OCCRP.

    Rotenberg filed his application to construct the first two villas in 2009. He planned to build a tennis court, a swimming pool …

  • Media: Kremlin considers establishing special bonds to allow Russian oligarchs to bring their wealth back to Russia

    A special refund mechanism for returning money back to Russia may be developed for businessmen who fear new sanctions.  The plan envisages special bonds in currencies with high yield.

    The idea was initiated on December 5th by a group of wealthy Russians who have assets abroad, Reuters reports. The newspaper cites anonymous sources in the state-owned companies and in the financial markets, one of whom describes the idea as absurd. The refunds would be issued in foreign currency bonds with …