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  • Ukrainian military detects Serbian snipers near Bakhmut highway in the Donbas

    A group of Serbian snipers have been noticed around the 31st checkpoint on the Bakhmut highway, according to information received by the Ukrainian volunteer organization “Come Back Alive" from Ukrainian intelligence officers.

    "They arrived a couple of weeks ago. There is information that these are Serbs for sure. In December last year, this group operated in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions," one of intelligence officers said.

    These are allegedly the same Serbian mercenaries responsible for …

  • Ukraine to submit complaint to NATO Parliamentary Assembly about Serbian mercenaries in Donbas

    The Ukrainian delegation is preparing an appeal to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly regarding the presence of Serbian mercenaries in the Donbas, as reported on Facebook by the chairman of the permanent delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, People's Deputy Iryna Friz.

    "We are preparing an appeal from our delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly regarding this issue and I am sure that it is necessary to contact all international institutions to inform them about the shameful fact of …