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  • US Justice Department accuses five Russians of supplying Syria with aviation fuel

    On Tuesday, the US Justice Department filed charges against five employees of the Russian company SovFracht for supplying Syria with aviation fuel, thereby contravening the sanctions introduced by the US government against Damascus.

    The Justice Department said that allegations have been brought against Ivan Okorokov, Ilya Loginov, Karen Stepanyan, Alexey Konkov and Liudmila Shemlkova at the District Court of Columbia. The SovFracht employees allegedly “conspired to violate US economic …

  • U.S. imposes sanctions against Ukrainian airline

    The United States of America has added Ukrainian company Dart Airlines to the list of sanctioned companies because of its cooperation with Iranian Caspian Air airlines, as reported on the website of the United States Federal Register.

    Sanctions against Iran were applied to the Ukrainian carrier because of its cooperation with the Iranian airline Caspian Air.

    “For providing assistance, funding or providing financial, material, technologic support or financial or any other services to support …

  • US Treasury Department: providing services to Iranian aircraft may lead to sanctions

    Countries that permit airplanes from Iran to land and be serviced at their airports may face consequences, including sanctions. Acting US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Sigal Mandelker, who also serves as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, announced this on Tuesday while speaking at the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

     “Countries and companies around the world should take note of the risks associated with granting landing …

  • US imposes additional sanctions against Ukrainian airline

    The US has announced the introduction of additional sanctions against DART Airlines, registered in Kyiv, as part of a package of restrictions against Iran and third countries related to Tehran's illegal activities.

    This is included in an official statement by the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Ukrinform reports.

    The company is listed under different names in the sanctions list, including DART Airlines, DART Aircompany, DART Ukrainian Airlines, DART LLC, …

  • The US might impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2

    The United States is attempting to prevent the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project. They have not ruled out the possibility of sanctions against the company, which is engaged in the construction of the gas pipeline, the representative of the US State Department, Sandra Oudkirk said in Berlin, according to Spiegel Online.

    According to Oudkirk, the US expects that the problem can be solved diplomatically. "We will be happy if the project is never implemented," the representative of the …

  • U.S. sanctions force French conglomerate Total to withdraw from Iran’s South Pars project

    French oil and gas company Total will not continue its obligations in connection with Phase 11 of the South Pars project and is currently working with U.S. and French authorities to explore the possibility of withdrawing from the project, the company’s statement says.

    In addition, Total confirms that leaving the project will not affect the target of 5% annual average production growth in the period from 2016 to 2022, Interfax reported.

    On May 8, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that …

  • London Stock Exchange to suspend the trading of En+ securities due to US sanctions against Deripaska

    On May 2, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) will halt trades in the global depositary receipts (GDR) of En+ Group, which is owned by Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska. LSE will continue to monitor the situation, the press release says.

    On April 6, Deripaska was placed on the US sanctions list, together with his main assets: Kuban agricultural holding, Basic Element Group, which was registered in the Virgin Islands by B-Finance Ltd, EN+ Group Plc., GAZ group (car manufacturing), JSC …

  • Bank handling transactions between Russia and Syria placed under US sanctions

    Last week, the bank Russian Finance Corporation (RFC) fell under US sanctions. It was the primary bank for transactions between Syria and Russia, The Bell news outlet writes.

    Officially the US government stated that RFC was included on the sanctions list because it belongs to Rosoboronexport, which has shipped billions of dollars of weapons to Syria in the last decade, and has also given material, financial and technological support to the country’s government.

    One of The Bell’s sources out …

  • Russian oligarchs lose $12 billion in a day due to US sanctions

    The share prices of the largest Russian companies and the ruble exchange rate have plummeted due to US sanctions, Meduza news outlet reports.

    Oleg Deripaska is among those to have suffered the greatest losses. The value of his companies crashed immediately after it was announced that they were under sanctions.

    Rusal dropped by 50% on the Hong Kong Exchange and 25% on the Moscow Exchange. The company even issued a warning concerning possible technical default due to sanctions. Trades of En + …

  • Russia to create a special bank to allow financing of Russian military companies in circumvention of western sanctions

    In response to new US sanctions, Russia created a special bank to service defense industry companies, reported the newspaper Kommersant, citing sources close to the government and the presidential administration.

    According to the newspaper, the Russian Financial Corporation (RFK), which is 100% owned by Rosoboronexport, a subsidiary of Russian concern Rostec, has become the main candidate for the role of a specialized bank for servicing the military industry.

    It is reported that the creation …