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  • US allocates $250 million loan to Ukraine for nuclear waste storage

    The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the state company Energoatom, the US Government's Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) and the Central Storage Safety Project Trust bank have signed a loan agreement for $250 million for the construction of a used nuclear fuel storage facility in Ukraine, the country's Ministry of Finance website has reported. The loan has been granted for a term of 20 years.

    The Ministry noted that this project will allow Ukraine to renounce its use of Russia's …

  • US to provide $250 million to Ukraine for nuclear waste storage facility

    On September 14, 2017 the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a US foreign investment firm, considered loaning $250 million to Energoatom for the construction of a centralized storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in the Chernobyl zone.This move, documented in OPIC’s latest board meeting agenda, would allow Ukraine to refuse Russian Federation services for spent nuclear fuel storage.

    This amount is enough to build the first launch complex for four HI-STORM containers, three of which are …

  • Ukraine and Russia to resume cooperation on uranium production

    Ukraine and Russia have signed a contract on the delivery and processing of raw uranium materials. Russian TASS news agency reported that this was announced by the Director of the International Centre for Uranium Enrichment, Gleb Yefremov.

    Ukrainian State Enterprise, Yaderne Palyvo, will send its uranium to Russia for enrichment, and it will be subsequently used for its nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

    “The contract was approved by the shareholders at a meeting held on the 31st of July, and …