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  • Ukraine intends to classify some parts of Crimea reintegration strategy

    Ukraine has resumed the process of developing a strategy for regaining control  over Crimea, most of which will be classified, especially security issues, stated the permanent representative of the Ukrainian president in Crimea Anton Korynevych in an interview with Ukrinform.

    "Part of this strategy should be open to public, so that people can see what the state is doing to take back the temporarily occupied territories and the population that lives there. But, of course, most of it should be …

  • Germany promises to support Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO

    German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that Germany will support Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO.

    "The position that Germany will support Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO has been made very clear. This is very important for us," said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmyytro Kuleba after a meeting with the head of the German Defense Ministry.

    According to the minister, there were also discussions about military-technical cooperation between Ukraine and Germany. "There are very …

  • Kyiv confirms Ukraine's readiness for acceptable compromises on Donbas

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at the talks in Berlin confirmed Ukraine's readiness for broad compromises on Donbas provided that they do not cross the "red lines".

    According to Kuleba, Ukraine, with the mediation of Germany and France, continues to look for solutions that would lead to progress in the peace settlement in the Donbas, but would not lead to the crossing of the "red lines".

    "Ukraine is open to the search for the widest possible compromises, but will not go as far as …

  • Russia appeals to UN to help restore water supply from Ukraine to Crimea

    Russian State Duma deputy and former Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya appealed to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet  because of the interruption of fresh water supply to the peninsula from Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports.

    "We urge you to strongly condemn the criminal actions of the Ukrainian side, which blatantly violate international law and directly violate the obligations of this country in the field of human rights," the RIA Novosti quoted Poklonskaya's letter …

  • Iran intends to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian airliner to France

    Iran intends to send flight recorders of the Ukraine International Airlines plane, which was shot down by an Iranian missile on January 8,  to France.

    The Iranian authorities explained that the decision was made because Ukrainian side allegedly delayed the response regarding the fate of the flight recorders, reported the Iranian agency ISNA.

    "In response to the delay, the Iranian authorities decided to send the black box of the plane to another country (possibly France)," the statement reads. …

  • Ukrainian soldier abducted near Crimean border

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that a soldier has been abducted from an observation post on the administrative border with the annexed Crimea.

    The incident occurred on May 30 at about 5 a.m.

    "In the area of the Chongar Peninsula, a soldier of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was found missing from the observation post when on duty, " the statement reads.

    Search efforts have not yielded results. The soldier does not return phone calls and his whereabouts are unknown. …

  • Kyiv: Russia demands lifting of sanctions as condition for ceasefire in Donbas

    At a meeting of the UN Security Council on the protection of civilians in armed conflicts, the Russian Federation stated that without the lifting of sanctions there would be no global ceasefire, said the speaker of the Ukrainian mission to the United Nations Oleg Nikolenko, commenting on the statement of the Russian delegation.

    "In this regard, we consider the Secretary-General's call for a global ceasefire of 23 March 2020 to be very relevant. But his call will be incomplete outside of his …

  • Merkel: Sanctions against Russia should remain

    Sanctions pressure on Russia must be maintained. However, the EU needs to communicate more intensively with Russia, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reports RBC-Ukraine.

    Speaking at a forum organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, she noted that fundamental violations of international law should be called by their names. Thus, anti-Russian restrictions will remain in force until progress is made in the situation in the Donbass.

    "If there is no progress in the Minsk process, we will …

  • Ukraine plans to upgrade its Air Force with NATO fighter jets

    Kyiv intends to purchase multi-role warplanes produced in the West as part of the modernization program of the Ukrainian Air Force. Thus, the new aicraft will replace the planes made during the Soviet era, reports Rzeczpospolita.

    According to the newspaper, Kyiv’s plan to upgrade military aviation, which will also include the replacement of helicopters, training and transport aircraft, will cost up to $12 billion dollars. But, given the needs of the Ukrainian army, this amount is too small to …

  • Ukraine to launch group of reconnaissance satellites into space

    In the next five years, Ukraine plans to create and launch the Falcon reconnaissance satellite group, which will include several high, medium and low-resolution vehicles, said Vladimir Usov, head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, in an interview with

    "It will be a satellite constellation for remote monitoring of the Earth. It can be used for both military and civilian purposes such as fighting illegal deforestation, land registry, illegal amber mining. With the help of our …