• Russia denies it reached a deal with Japan on the return of Kuril islands

    The press secretary for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov stated that a deal between Russia and Japan about the return of the Kuril Islands is not possible, and anything said to the contrary is speculation, Interfax news agency reports.

    “During the last few days, we have seen numerous arguments, political speculation that there is already some deal on the transfer of the islands and so on. It is not so,” he said.

    According to him, the Russian leader and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō …

  • Media: NATO calls on Russia to take responsibility for the crash of Flight MH17

    Ukrinform news agency reports that the NATO Parliamentary Assembly has released a draft resolution calling on the Kremlin to take responsibility for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777 Flight MH17.

    “The Parliamentary Assembly reaffirms its strong support for the investigation of the crash of the MH17 plane in Ukraine, which is being conducted by the Netherlands, and calls on the Kremlin to implement UN Security Council Resolution 2166, to take responsibility and fully join the attempts to …

  • Polish Foreign Minister: After completing Nord Stream 2 Russia will continue war in Ukraine

    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warns that once the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been built, nothing will hold Russia back from further aggression in Ukraine. He made a statement to this effect during the FOTAR conference in Hamburg, the Polish Press Agency reports.

    If the Ukrainian gas transmission system is no longer needed once the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been built, Morawiecki asks, “what will stop Vladimir Putin from going to Kyiv?”

    “You will be surprised by who I am going to …

  • Ukraine presents report at NATO Parliamentary Assembly on Kremlin’s ties to Taliban and ISIS

    The Ukrainian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) presented a report on the Kremlin’s ties to Islamist terrorist groups. The authors of the report devoted special attention to the support provided by Russia to the Islamic State, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and Hezbollah in Lebanon, reported Iryna Friz, MP from the Petro Poroshenco Bloc and head of the Ukrainian delegation.

    “The Taliban is the topic of a separate Parliamentary Assembly report which will be brought up for …

  • Kremlin prepares for Putin-Trump meeting

    Russian Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov said that Kremlin experts plan to prepare the agenda for the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump during the coming G-20 Summit in Argentina, Interfax News reported. He said that during their meeting in Paris, the leaders of the two countries confirmed their intention to hold a meeting in Buenos Aires.

     “Saying goodbye in Paris, Trump said, “Well, see you in Buenos Aires!” Our president expressed an approval,” Ushakov said in an interview with the “ …