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  • Hrytsak explains why Ukrainian Security Service staged Babchenko’s killing

    Vasyl Hrytsak, head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), explained to the German news outlet Bild why the staging of journalist Arkady Babchenko’s murder was necessary, and what was achieved as a result.

    “Since the client thought that Babchenko was really dead, certain contacting and communication took place, which enabled us to carry out procedural and operational activities and document facts which ultimately had decisive significance in the investigation process. Thus managed to obtain …

  • Germany expects explanations from Ukraine regarding Babchenko case

    The German government expects explanations from the Ukrainian authorities about the special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) that involved the staged murder of Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko in Kyiv, said the spokesperson of the German government, Steffen Seibert, Deutsche Welle reports.

    "As the charges are very serious, you can naturally expect that they will be backed up with evidence," said Seibert. According to him, the case is about a conspiracy to assassinate the …

  • Ukrainian Security Service receives complete list of those who were to be killed along with journalist Babchenko

    Ukrainian law enforcement agencies received a complete list of 30 people who were supposed to be killed at the request of the Russian intelligence agency, just as journalist Arkady Babchenko was to be. This was stated by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko on a broadcast on the TV channel “1 + 1,” TSN reported.

    “At one of the meetings, Herman – and this is recorded on audio and video according to the court’s decision – gave him (the killer) half the sum of 15 thousand dollars. At the …

  • Kremlin calls staged killing of journalist Babchenko 'anti-Russian provocation'

    Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the staged killing of Arkady Babchenko in a special SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) operation and the accusations made against Russia for organizing it are a “Russophobic lie”.

     “Immediately after the rumors of the murder of A.A. Babchenko began, corresponding statements were made by the Ukrainian Prime Minister and other officials, directly accusing Russia of involvement in this. Now the Ukrainian authorities have completely taken a course to …

  • Journalist Babchenko turns up alive after Ukrainian Security Service stages his 'murder'

    Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko is alive. He appeared in front of the TV cameras during the briefing of the head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). According to SBU, the "murder" of the journalist was staged.

    Babchenko greeted everyone and apologized for what everyone had to go through. He also apologized to his wife.

    "A separate apology goes to my wife. Olga, I'm sorry, but there were no options. The operation was prepared for two months, " he said.

    He also thanked the SBU for …

  • Media: notorious killer associated with Russian Security Service arrived in Kyiv before assassination of journalist Babchenko

    The killer known as Validol, who is associated the Russian special service (FSB), arrived in Kyiv before the murder of the Russian journalist, Arkady Babchenko, reports Kavkazcenter news outlet.

    According to Kavkazcenter, the Chechen-born Walid Lurahmanov, who also goes by name Alexander Smirnov, arrived in Kyiv on May 3. According to the publication, he could have used a fake passport to get to the territory of Ukraine.

    "It is not clear what the purpose of his visit was. It is possible that …