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  • U.S. imposes sanctions against Ukrainian airline

    The United States of America has added Ukrainian company Dart Airlines to the list of sanctioned companies because of its cooperation with Iranian Caspian Air airlines, as reported on the website of the United States Federal Register.

    Sanctions against Iran were applied to the Ukrainian carrier because of its cooperation with the Iranian airline Caspian Air.

    “For providing assistance, funding or providing financial, material, technologic support or financial or any other services to support …

  • US imposes additional sanctions against Ukrainian airline

    The US has announced the introduction of additional sanctions against DART Airlines, registered in Kyiv, as part of a package of restrictions against Iran and third countries related to Tehran's illegal activities.

    This is included in an official statement by the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Ukrinform reports.

    The company is listed under different names in the sanctions list, including DART Airlines, DART Aircompany, DART Ukrainian Airlines, DART LLC, …

  • US has put two Ukrainian air carriers on sanctions list over ties with Iran

    The US Department of Treasury has imposed economic sanctions against two Kyiv-based Ukrainian airlines, Dart Airlines and Khors Air, as reported on the department’s website.

    Restrictive measures have been taken against Ukrainian air carriers as part of a new sanctions package against Iran, in particular, against 11 natural citizens and legal entities suspected of providing support to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and participating in cyber-enabled attacks against US banks.

    The US …