US has put two Ukrainian air carriers on sanctions list over ties with Iran

The US Department of Treasury has imposed economic sanctions against two Kyiv-based Ukrainian airlines, Dart Airlines and Khors Air, as reported on the department’s website.

Restrictive measures have been taken against Ukrainian air carriers as part of a new sanctions package against Iran, in particular, against 11 natural citizens and legal entities suspected of providing support to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and participating in cyber-enabled attacks against US banks.

The US Department of Treasury reports that Dart Airlines and Khors Air are suspected of providing assistance to Iranian and Iraqi airlines, which were already under sanctions, through the provision of aircraft, as well as crew and services. This accusation is in regards to Iranian Caspian Air and Iraqi Al-Naser Airlines for which US sanctions are already in place as a result of their support of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.  

The newly introduced restrictions freeze the US assets of Ukrainian Dart Airlines and Khors Air. The Ukrainian air carriers are also prohibited from doing business with US companies.

Washington has also added seven Iranian citizens and two companies to the sanctions list that are accused by the US Department of Treasury of participating in cyber-enabled attacks and supporting the Iranian nuclear power development program.

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