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  • Japanese expert: Ukrainians represent majority of population on the Kuril Islands

    Approximately 60% of the population of the Kuril Islands are Ukrainians whom the Soviet government forcibly moved to the archipelago after the occupation of the Japanese territory in 1945. Yoshihiko Okabe, a professor at Kobe Gakuin University in Japan and foreign expert at the Ukrainian Center for Russian Studies, made this statement at the international conference "Russia's Violation of International Law: Implications for Peace".

    "Although it is little known, it is said that in fact around 60 …

  • Japanese Prime Minister hopes to sign peace treaty with Russia during current generation’s lifetime

    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expects to resolve the issue of concluding a peace treaty with Russia within the current generation’s lifetime. RIA Novosti reports that Abe said this after talks with Vladimir Putin.

    "The issue of a peace treaty, which was not signed for over 70 years, is not easy to resolve; however, we want to put an end to this problem in our generation. This is our key goal," Abe said.

    Putin offered to patiently seek a solution that meets the interests of Russia and …

  • Japan protests against Russian air drills in Kuril Islands

    Japan has filed a protest with Russia concerning Russian air drills over the island of Iturup, Japanese Foreign Minister Tarō Kōno said in response to questions from MPs of the Lower House.

    On Monday, two Russian Su-35 fighters executed a drill to relocate from Khabarovsk Krai to the Burevestnik reserve military airbase on Iturup Island, covering a distance of over 2,000 kilometers. The exercise was done in order to improve their flight training and their experience in defending Russia’s air …

  • Japan protests against Russia’s military exercises on the Kuril Islands

    At a Budget Committee meeting of the lower chamber of the Japanese Parliament, Foreign Minister Taro Kono expressed a strong objection against the beginning of the Russian military exercises on the Kuril Islands, Kyodo news agency reports.

    According to the report, Russia’s exercises contradict the position of Japan on the four Northern islands (the South Kuril Islands).

    Shortly before, week-long military exercises started on the islands of the Kuril Ridge, Interfax reported, citing the …

  • Russia to establish military air base on disputed Kuril Islands

    The Russian Ministry of Defense received permission from the government to use the airfield on the Kuril Island of Iturup as an air base, according to an order signed by the Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.

    "The "Sakhalin Region" section of the list of joint base aerodromes of the Russian Federation to be supplemented with the following entry: Iturup - civil - the Ministry of Defense of Russia," the document says.

    In 2016, Bastion and Bal coastal missile systems were deployed to the southern …

  • Russia to establish naval base on Kuril Islands

    An airport network is to be restored on the Kuril Islands, work on its creation is connected to the establishment of a Russian naval base, announced Senator Frants Klintsevich as reported by RIA Novosti.

    The naval base will accept “any ships”, including first rank vessels. Work to establish the base will begin soon, the senator noted. “Everything is going strictly according to plan, without rushed bursts,” he added.

    As Interfax reports with reference to Klintsevich, organizational matters are …

  • Japanese Prime Minister urges Putin to make peace treaty on Kurils

    Russia and Japan need to overcome all the challenges, put an end to the “abnormal situation”, and make a peace treaty regarding the Kuril Islands, stated Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Eastern Economic Forum, Interfax reports.

    According to Abe, in the last year Russian and Japanese relations have seen the beginning of the progress which the countries had been unable to achieve in 70 years. He added that soon it may be possible to see the “bright future of Russian-Japanese relations, …

  • Putin believes that Americans want to send troops to the Kuril Islands

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he is "aware" that the Americans are drawing up plans to transfer their military to the Kuril Islands. He voiced such considerations at a meeting with the heads of world news agencies, responding to a question from a correspondent of the Japanese news agency Kyodo.

    "As for the theoretic possibility that US troops might emerge on the islands, if we assume that the sovereignty over the islands might be transferred to Japan - yes, such a possibility …

  • Russia will complete the installation of missile systems throughout the country in 2017

    In 2017, Russia will complete the installation of missile systems that will "protect the entire perimeter of Russia, both from the sea and from the air," claimed Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu, on March 20th, according to Russian media reports, while Shoigu was commenting on the results of the Russian-Japanese discussions in Tokyo.

    “We will complete the full security of the entire perimeter of the Russian Federation, both from the sea and from the air this year. Leaving …

  • Japan proposes development plan to Russia regarding disputed islands

    Japan is prepared to propose to Russia a specific plan for the general economic development of the islands which both nations claim, reports Nikkei Asia Review.

    The Japanese government is proposing to develop the islands located north-east of Hokkaido as a tourist destination, with the aim of attracting Japanese visitors.

    According to this plan, private Japanese and Russian companies will jointly offer tourist cruises to the islands controlled by Russia, which Russia calls the Southern …