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  • Japan voices protest against Russia over plans to station division in the Kuril Islands

    The Government of Japan has voiced protest over the Russian Defense Ministry’s plans to place a division in the Kuril Islands within the year. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga announced the official position at a press conference, reports Nikkei media outlet.

    According to Suga, the strengthening of Russia's military presence on the Kuril Islands "is incompatible with the position of Japan." Suga also added that the issue would be discussed at a meeting of the foreign and defense …

  • Russia to form four new divisions in 2017, including in the Kuril Islands

    The Russian Ministry of Defence plans to complete the formation of four new divisions in 2017, and included in this will be the protection of the Kuril Islands. This was announced on February 22 in the State Duma on the television show “Parliamentary Hour” (Parlamentsky Chas) by Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu, TASS reported.

    “This year we hope to fully put in place three divisions on the western border and in the southwest. We are actively protecting the Kuril Islands. We must place a …

  • Abe hopes to reach an agreement with Russia over Kuril Islands

    On Sunday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he plans to visit Russia early this year in order to reach a settlement on the contested Kuril Islands, TASS reported.

    Speaking in the Yamaguchu Prefecture, Abe said, "Having the firm intention to settle [Kuril Islands] within this generation, we hope [to apply] every effort for negotiations.”

    "For that, early this year I want to visit Russia,” Abe added.

    The dispute over the four Kuril Islands, which Tokyo considers its “northern …

  • Japan and Russia agreed to pursue joint economic activities on the disputed Kuril Islands

    During two days of talks, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin failed to settle the long territorial dispute over the Kuril Islands, which were ceded to the Soviet Union after World War II. The parties, however, agreed to continue the dialogue and carry out joint economic activities on the disputed islands, Japanese media reported on Friday, December 16th, following the talks.

    During the talks, Putin and Abe negotiated easing travel restrictions between the …

  • Kremlin declines to comment on reports that Japan would allow US military presence on Kuril Islands

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on reports that Tokyo would allow the U.S. to establish military bases on the Kuril Islands if Japan gains sovereignty over the contested islands, TASS reported.

    “I would not in any way comment on the information that has appeared today in a Japanese media outlet because this refers to the content of the confidential talk between the secretaries of the Security Councils of Russia and Japan. We do not disclose the content of such meetings, all …

  • Japanese media: Tokyo and Moscow are discussing plan to create special economic zone in Kuril Islands

    Japan and Russia, in the framework of negotiations on the development of economic ties and a solution to the issue of a peace treaty, are discussing a plan to create a Special Economic Zone in the southern part of the Kuril Islands. This was reported on Monday by the Mainichi newspaper, citing governmental sources.

    It was noted that the plan also includes the establishment of joint ventures in the islands and the expansion of cooperation on visa-free exchange programs. However, according to …

  • Japan believes Putin’s visit is the last chance for Abe to solve Kuril Islands dispute

    A deputy of the lower house of Japan's ruling parliament, the Liberal Democratic Party, who is also the former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Hakubun Shimomura, believes that the upcoming December visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Japan is the last chance for Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to resolve the territorial dispute, TASS reported.

    According to Kyodo News, he expressed this opinion on Sunday while on Fuji TV.

    “This visit is the last chance. It is …

  • Japanese Foreign Minister: Japan will take measures if Russia deploys missile systems to Kuril Islands

    Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida stated that Tokyo will take measures if Russia deploys Bal and Bastion missile systems to the Kuril Islands, TV Dozhd reported, referencing the Japanese NHK public broadcasting company.

    On Tuesday, Russia announced that the coastal missile systems will be deployed to the Iturup and Kunashir Islands, part of the contested Kuril Islands north of Japan and south of Russia’s Sakhalin Island.

    Bastion coastal missile systems are equipped with the Oniks …

  • Russia deploys Bastion and Bal missile systems to the Kuril islands

    Russia has deployed its newest missile systems Bastion and Bal to Kuril islands, as reported by Russia’s Interfax news agency citing the newspaper of the Pacific Navy “Boyevaya Vahta” (Combat Watch).

    According to Interfax, the Bastion missile systems were deployed to the island of Iturup while Bal systems were deployed on the island of Kunashir. “The newly deployed units are getting ready for test firing using the Bastion systems,” reports the newspaper

    In March, the Russian Minister of …

  • Peskov: Russia is quietly conducting negotiations with Japan on Kuril Islands

    Russia and Japan are conducting consultations on the issue of the Kuril Islands and they are carrying them out thoroughly and quietly. Acording to Russian Interfax news agency, this was stated by the the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov.

    “As far as the issue of the islands is concerned, we are conducting consultations. They are complex, they do not tolerate extra noise, they don’t tolerate any information injections. This is a very meticulous process which needs a lot of …