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  • Putin admitted that he was persuaded by his press secretary to participate in an Oliver Stone film

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his press secretary Dmitry Peskov persuaded him to participate in the filming of American director Oliver Stone’s "Interview with Putin," noting that he had not prepared for it in advance.

    "Where is the culprit, mister comrade Peskov? He disappeared somewhere; he is not here. It is he who persuaded me sometime in the past," Putin said.

    According to the president, Peskov explained that Oliver Stone is a very famous, Oscar-winning filmmaker who will …

  • Media: In Oliver Stone’s ‘The Putin Interviews’ Putin used a fake video to show ‘the work of Russian aviation’

    The third part of the documentary "Putin", which Russian television will show on Wednesday, June 21, included a fragment in which the Russian president demonstrates the actions of Russian aviation in Syria to American director Oliver Stone on a smartphone.

    As a group of independent investigators from the Conflict Intelligence Team was able to establish, Putin passed off a video in which a US Apache helicopter attacks the position of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009 as the work of Russian …

  • Putin: In a war between the US and Russia, no one would survive

    No one would survive a massive armed conflict between Russia and the United States, as stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview with American film director Oliver Stone.

    Stone asked Putin if the United States could, in the opinion of the Russian leader, win in an armed conflict between the two countries.

    "I think that no one would survive," Putin said.

    The Russian president also answered Stone's question as to whether Donald Trump's election to the post of US President …