Media: In Oliver Stone’s ‘The Putin Interviews’ Putin used a fake video to show ‘the work of Russian aviation’

The third part of the documentary "Putin", which Russian television will show on Wednesday, June 21, included a fragment in which the Russian president demonstrates the actions of Russian aviation in Syria to American director Oliver Stone on a smartphone.

As a group of independent investigators from the Conflict Intelligence Team was able to establish, Putin passed off a video in which a US Apache helicopter attacks the position of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009 as the work of Russian aviation. This video was also posted on the website of in 2012.

Moreover, as the investigators point out, the original video included an audio recording of negotiations of Ukrainian pilots who attacked the positions of separatists in the Donetsk airport area.

Users on social networks quickly discovered the video that Putin showed to Stone. The fake video of the "Apache" attack with the voice acting in Russian lasting three and a half minutes was shared on YouTube a year ago.

The Russian television station Channel 1 began to broadcast Oliver Stone's four-part film "Putin" on Monday, June 19. According to researchers of the Russian television market, the first series of the film caused much less interest among Muscovites than the documentary Russian film "The President", which was shown in 2015, and was also structured as an interview with Putin.

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