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  • Russian media reveals the total number of Wagner Group mercenaries fighting in Syria

    At least 3,602 fighters are serving in the Russian “Wagner” private military company (PMC), reported Republic (formerly Slon) news outlet, citing the Wagner PMC’s payroll.

    As the news outlet points out, one of the divisions on the list contains private badge numbers from 1 to 3602. Republic did not specify how many badge owners were currently in the company’s active service, but it did point out that one of the names on the list – Yevgeny Alikov from Russia’s Arkhangelsk province – had died in …

  • Russia plans to replace troop commander in Syria

    The Russian Armed Forces command in Syria may once again be headed by Sergey Surovikin, current Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), RIA Novosti, citing to a source close to the Ministry of Defense.

    According to the source, "this possibility is being discussed." At the same time, as the source specified, in the case of departure to Syria, Surovikin would remain the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, and his deputy would temporarily perform his duties.Surovikin led …

  • Kremlin: Nearly 50,000 Russian soldiers took part in military action in Syria

    48 thousand Russian servicemen took part in the  military operation in Syria in 2015-2017, as stated by the chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov at a briefing for foreign military attaches in Moscow, reports DW.

    At the same time, he said that the Russian military killed 60 thousand fighters, including about three thousand who were Russian by birth.

    It should be noted that Russian air forces have been repeatedly accused of falsifying reports about numbers of air …

  • Widow of Russian mercenary killed in Syria: 'Americans shot them like dogs'

     The widow of Stanislav Matveyev, the 38 year-old Asbest resident and Wagner Group mercenary who was killed in the International Coalition airstrike in Syria on February 7,  spoke to Russian media outlet

    “They just shot them like dogs, like lab rats,” Elena Matveyeva exclaimed. also reported that Matveyev’s widow received an audio recording, in which a male voice comments on the developments:

    “Hi. What is being shown in Syria… In short, they routed us. In short, in one …

  • Names of Russian mercenaries killed in US strike in Syria begin to appear on social networks

    New evidence has begun to appear on Russian social networks and media on the death of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group, a private military company, in an airstrike by the US-led coalition forces in the Syrian Deir al-Zor province.

    The death of Alexey Ladygin from Ryazan was reported on Sunday.

    Ladygin’s friends write that he was involved in the events in Crimea as part of the Russian special forces. He later took part in the fight for Debaltseve in western Ukraine. In the Wagner …

  • UN reports 230 civilians were killed over the past week in air strikes by Assad's and Russian air forces in Syria

    Over the past week, 277 civilians were killed in Syria, 230 of whom perished in air strikes by the government forces of Bashar al-Assad and their allies, including Russia. This data was presented in Geneva by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein on Saturday, February 10, Deutsche Welle reports.

    According to the UN, another 812 Syrian civilians were injured. "The past week has been one of the bloodiest periods of the entire conflict," Al Hussein said. Most of the air …

  • Protests take place in Moscow against Russian military involvement in Syria

    On Sunday there were a series of solitary pickets against Russia’s military campaign in Syria outside the Ministry of Defense building in Moscow. Muscovite journalist Denis Styazhkin wrote in his blog that picketers held banners with anti-military slogans and criticism of the Russian government, the Echo of Moscow reports. The publication states that three days after US strikes on Assad’s forces in Syria, the Russian authorities have not reacted to the reports on the death of “possibly dozens …

  • Mother of Russian soldier captured by ISIS says information on her son has been classified

    Valentina, mother of the Cossack Grigory Tsurkanu, who was captured by ISIS militants, told Dozhd TV that the Ministry of Defense has sent the Russian soldier’s relatives a document stating that the search for Tsurkanu has been classified.

    According to Tsurkanu’s mother, the letter was sent to her in response to a request she sent to the ministry following her son’s disappearance. Dozhd says it received a copy of the document, which is signed by “Defense Ministry department chief Y. Shulgin”. …

  • Media: Parents of Russian who was taken prisoner by militants in Syria informed of his death

    The parents of Grigory Tsurkanu, who was allegedly taken prisoner by ISIS militants, told about the visit of members of the Wagner private army.

    According to Valentina Tsurkanu, the mother, an unknown man came to her on December 4 and told her that her son died from injuries, and the second prisoner, Roman Zabolotny, was killed by militants. The woman said that this person called himself a representative of the “organization,” as reported by the Dozhd TV channel. That’s what the soldiers of …

  • Russian Defense Minister: Time of Russia’s withdrawal from Syria depends on situation

    Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said that the Russian military has already begun to return from Syria, RIA Novosti reports.

    The minister was not able to mention a specific date when all forces would be withdrawn. According to him, this will “depend on the situation”.

    Earlier on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Khmeimim airbase in Syria, where he gave the order to begin withdrawing Russian forces from their permanent stationing points in Syria. He also met with …