Russia plans to replace troop commander in Syria

The Russian Armed Forces command in Syria may once again be headed by Sergey Surovikin, current Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS), RIA Novosti, citing to a source close to the Ministry of Defense.

According to the source, "this possibility is being discussed." At the same time, as the source specified, in the case of departure to Syria, Surovikin would remain the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, and his deputy would temporarily perform his duties.
Surovikin led the Russian troop command in Syria in March 2017. On November 22, 2017, he was appointed to the post of Commander of the Russian Aerospace Force by Russian presidential decree. With the appointment of the new post, Surovikin left the Syria group command. His vacant post was taken over by Colonel-General Alexander Zhuravlev, who continues to command the Russian deployment in Syria.

In December 2017, President Vladimir Putin announced "victory over terrorists in Syria" and ordered the withdrawal of the Russian forces. However, "some Russian forces necessary to ensure stabilization in Syria" would remain there, noted the Ministry of Defense.

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