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  • Turkey deploys special forces to Syrian border

    On June 28, Turkey announced  that it is deploying special forces and military equipment to the border with Syria. According to the Anadolu news agency, a convoy of armored vehicles and SWAT teams arrived in the Reyhanlı and Kırıkhan districts in the Hatay Province near the border.

    Also, the Turkish Ministry of Defense reported that it carried out an "effective strike" on the positions of the Syrian national army, controlled by President Bashar al-Assad. According to Turkey, Syrian army uses …

  • UN accuses Russia of raids on Syrian hospitals

    The UN has asked Russia for detailed information on how it has been using the location coordinates of hospitals in Syria. The demand was prompted by a series of airstrikes by the Russian-Syrian coalition in the Syrian provinces of Idlib and Hama in which several schools and more than two dozen medical institutions were hit.

    The hospital coordinates are given by the UN to the conflicting parties as part of a humanitarian resolution system in order to protect them from attacks, Radio Liberty …

  • Syrian general infuriates Russia

    The Syrian brigadier general Suheil al-Hassan, known for his loyalty to Russia, has been displeasing Moscow of late, writes the Mada Post, citing the Syrian opposition news site Zaman Al-Wasl.

    According to the article, the elite Tiger Forces under al-Hassan’s control have failed to make any significant progress in Syria’s Hama province, despite considerable support from Russian aircraft. The offensive operations carried out by the Tiger Forces were reportedly extremely expensive due to the …

  • Five offshore oil pipelines damaged in Syria by unidentified persons

    Unidentified persons have damaged five oil pipelines in the coastal waters of Syria. The incident happened near the city of Banias, reports the Syrian Ministry of oil on their Facebook page.

    According to the report, the Syrian oil company discovered the oil leak near Banias. Underwater exploration was conducted to detect the leak, and as a result, expert divers found external damage in the five oil pipelines, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

    The company has already started repair work and …

  • Putin acknowledges presence of Russian mercenaries in Syria

    There are contractors from private military companies (PMCs) in Syria, but they do not represent the Russian government, said Russian President Vladimir Putin in an episode of the TV show “Direct Line”, when asked why combat veteran status is not given to Russians who work as mercenaries abroad.

    “They are really there,” Putin said, referring to the private military contractors. However, he continued, this is “not the state”, and these people are technically not combat veterans. They deal with “ …

  • Kremlin: US representatives to attend security convention in Ufa, Russia

    Alexander Venediktov, Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta in an interview that a US representative will be present at the international session on security in Ufa.

    “In recent years, the Americans have not participated in our event. However, this year at the session in Ufa we expect to see them,” he said.

    Venediktov added that the attendance of one of the directors of the US National Security Council has been confirmed. He commented that this is a “ …

  • Russian media: Israel jamming Syrian aerial defense systems due to poor missile success rates

    The Russian site claims to have learned that the actual success rate of Israeli attacks on targets in Syria is only 30-40%.

    “In light of this, Israel has begun to jam the Syrian aerial defense systems, in order to somehow improve the effectiveness of the attacks,” the authors write, without specifying their sources.

    Israel has not actually commented on its use of electronic warfare systems in an attack on Syria’s Al-Harra province. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to …

  • Netanyahu confirms that it was Israel that struck Syria this week

    Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that it was the Israeli Air Force that bombed military facilities in Syria tonight.

    “The challenges we face are endless. Not only are we decisively countering any attacks by the enemy, we also anticipate the strikes. Acting firmly and relentlessly, we will not allow the enemy to create bridgeheads to carry out attacks near our borders,” said Netanyahu, speaking at a ceremony honoring the memory of the fourth President of …

  • Syria accuses Israel of air strikes on Daraa province

    On Wednesday night, June 12, Israel carried out several air strikes against targets in the Tel al-Hara area, located in the Syrian Province of Daraa, reported the Syrian state news agency SANA and several other Arabic-language publications.

    According to SANA, air defense systems of Assad’s Army were activated during the attack. No injuries have been reported.

    According to some Arabic-language news sources, the Israeli Air Force used F-16 aircraft during the operation.

    It is also reported …

  • Russian military losing ground in Syria

    Russian military had to leave the military base in the village of Tal Salba in the North of the Syrian Hama province after it was shelled by militants  from the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (former Jabhat al-Nusra), reports Al-Masdar News.

    The militants attacked the Russian troops and, during their offensive, they also managed to capture several combat positions previously controlled by the Syrian army.

    According to the report, the massive artillery shelling of Tal Salba was only …